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Linkdood Offers NFT Community Platform For Businesses

Malaysia-based computer security service, Linkdood, offers NFTs for businesses.

NFTs are known to be art, utility, and PFP-based however, Linkdood, a security computer service, is utilizing NFTs to create communities that focus on proprietor benefits, clients, and general customer solutions. Linkdood has begun to incorporate service and security into a niche that can be unpredictable. 

Linkdood’s NFT model allows businesses to keep users in the loop by using blockchain technology to provide customer updates and alerts. By leveraging user databases, companies can capitalize on NFTs’ community aspect and create new ways for businesses to interact and connect with their customers. When dealing within web2, customers are unable to speak amongst each other or communicate efficiently with businesses, however, through NFTs, stronger relationships and products are built through discussions that are only available through the efficient network created within NFT communities. 

Setting up new memberships and platforms to tailor to each customer can be strenuous and inefficient; however, by integrating an NFT system, Linkdood has provided a solution to the timeless problem by having a readymade, usable platform for all to access and utilize. NFT communities allow businesses to interact with their customers frequently and minimize delays, allowing for better customer service. By pairing NFTs to a secure in-house app, companies can pick users and evaluate their experiences thus far.

NFTs and web3 have always been seen as a developing field. However, having a world-renowned security company enter NFTs and reshape the way people use blockchain technology bodes well for the space. Whether other security companies follow Linkdoods footsteps is still unknown. However, we are beginning to see NFTs used in many ways.


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