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In this WGMI Spotlight, we take a deep dive into Karafuru 3D's story, team and marketing strategy. We set out our bullish case and our reservations.

WGMI Rating:

Mint Details

Mint Date 

May 17: Fair Dutch Auction (“FDA”)

May 18: Private Sale

May 18: Public Sale “if there’s leftovers”


4,000 for FDA
6,000 for Private Sale
Remaining for Public

Mint Price 

FDA: 0.5 ETH start, down 0.025 ETH every 30mins, finishing at 0.25 ETH (2 NFTs per wallet)

Private Sale: 70% from final FDA price

Public Sale: Pegged to final FDA price 2 mints per wallet

What is Karafuru 3D?

Karafuru 3D is Karafuru’s second generation collection. Karafuru has “strategically” partnered with popular fashion brands Hypebeast and Atmos. By doing this, they aim to take Karafuru’s brand beyond the realms of the Metaverse and digital identity. Hypebeast is renowned for being the go-to platform for global trends. Atmos is one of the most popular and well established sneaker boutiques in Japan. As Karafuru is deeply rooted in Japanese culture and visuals, these collaborations are a perfect match with regards to branding. Viewing their most recent teaser, it appears that Karafuru 3D will be an NFT collection embedded in streetwear culture.

Story / Background

Karafuru’s genesis collection was one of the most hyped and highly anticipated projects in 2021 and so far, it has enjoyed great success. Karafuru is an NFT collection that stemmed from a partnership between the Museum of Toys in Jakarta, Indonesia, and vibrant Indonesia based illustrator, Wd.Willy. The art style and color palette behind Karafuru is inspired by Japanese anime and cartoons. Karafuru NFTs were created from more than 1,000 possible trait combinations. In the genesis collection, there are 12 featured characters. Each character’s story and lore can be found in their Discord.

Karafuru 3D is being launched as an extension to the brand in attempts to take them beyond the realms of the metaverse and digital identity, into a lifestyle brand that is recognizable in daily life.


Whilst Karafuru 3D does not have its own specific roadmap, it is a milestone in the Karafuru genesis collections roadmap. Included in Karafuru’s roadmap is:

Act 1.0: Start with 2D Karafurus ✓

Act 2.0: Karafuru carnival ✓

Act 3.0: 3D Karafurus emergence

Act 3.0+1.0: Karafuru will jump into lives and animate playgrounds by becoming real-life physical toys

Act infinity: Go beyond! Karafuru want to extend to all possibilities, then allow the community to decide where they should go next 


Browsing the credentials of Karafurus core team, it is clear that they are stacked and well versed in the world of NFTs. Karafurus team consists of a reputable artist and founders who hold elite tier ‘blue chip’ NFTs such as Crypto Punks, BAYC and Genesis CyberKong. The team members also have previous and current experience in building on or working with Web3 brands as ArktivakCodeXScholarzNFTMemelandACYCapital and Mindblowon Universe


Wd.Willy is an indonesian based, proven illustrator who has a large social following online. He has 56.6k followers on Instagram and 51.5k followers on Twitter.


Gradyedbert is the founder of Karafuru, COO of CodeX and chief of admin at Third World Whales. Gradyedbert holder Cyberkongz #494 and has 50.6k followers on Twitter. 

Jejouw is a co-founder of Karafuru and Arktivak. He has 111k followers on Twitter and 217k on Instagram. Jejouw is a self proclaimed entrepreneur. Based on his Instagram bio, it appears that he is heavily involved in the sneaker industry. His personal branding looks on point which is also a bonus.

Soloandrw is also another co-founder of Karafuru and partner at CodeX. He holds BAYC #3693. He currently has 47k followers on Twitter. 

Rofe is yet another co-founder at Karafuru and member of Third World Whale. He has 34.5k followers on Twitter. Not much  information is available on Rofe.


Evxn is an advisor for Karafuru. According to his Twitter bio, he holds, CryptoPunks #8053, BAYC #5064, Genesis CyberKong #655 and an honorary Bored Ape. In his OpenSea vault, he holds many other ‘blue chip’ and highly valuable NFTs, including many parcels of Otherdeeds land. Evxn currently has 56k followers on Twitter.

Clerkclirk is the second advisor to Karafuru. He is building ScholarzNFT and CodeX, all whilst advising for Memeland, Karafuru, ACYCapital and Mindblowon Universe. He has 51.8k followers and is very active on Twitter.Team


Karafuru has managed to collaborate with many hyped and reputable projects such as  Memeland, Invisible Friends, Celepahis, Defi Frens, Imaginary Ones, Shinsekai, Lonely Legends and more. As we see many rugpull or failing projects in the NFT space on a daily basis, traders and investors are much more inclined to place bets on proven teams with experience. Collaborating with other reputable and highly anticipated NFT collections is one way to project reputability to a wider audience. Karafuru has done an amazing job of this. Karafuru is certainly one potential future ‘blue chip’ project to watch. They have bragging rights of pushing past 375k followers on twitter already.    

Regarding Karafuru 3D, there have not been any specific collaborations with other NFT projects. Karafuru 3D collaborations remain solely with Hypebeast and Atmos.

Marketing / Community

From the very beginning, Karafuru grew rapidly. When Karafuru started their marketing schedule, the narrative surrounding the NFT space was anime art style. Although Karafuru is not like traditional Japanese anime, the illustrations are most definitely inspired by anime. This, in combination with the incredibly stacked team, saw Karafuru experience a large influx of followers and interest from early on.  

Karafuru 3D has used a combination of digital and physical marketing strategies. They have leaked several sneak peaks and teaser through the form of animations which are very enticing to the viewer. Physically, Karafuru 3D was advertised heavily during the Karafuru carnival in late March and early April. More than 200,000 people attended the Karafuru carnival over the 10 days. 

The community is eagerly waiting for the 3D collection launch. In their Discord, there is an active, relaxed and organic vibe. Voice chat is especially busy. However, right now building up to the 3D launch, there are a few people who give off a Whitelist ‘grinding’ impression.



Bullish case

Karafuru genesis collection is highly sought after and currently sits on a healthy floor price of 2.37 Ethereum. For this reason, it is very likely that many will be willing to place a bet on the second generation collection. Hypebeast and Atmos are very reputable and established brands in real life, it is highly unlikely the 3D launch will be unsuccessful given the combination of big ‘players’ and minds involved. The team is competent and proven, the community appears to be excited and there is a lot of hype throughout the wider audience. In addition, the art is very clean and appealing. In their recent animation teasers, a combination of the Karafuru model and streetwear look is very steazy. 

We have recently seen the success of Azuki’s second and third generation collections, Bobu and Beanz. Launching sub-collections in order to welcome more NFT enthusiasts into project ecosystems seems to be gaining traction. 


There are very few potential concerns that spring to mind regarding Karafuru’s 3D launch.  However, there are two which I think should be addressed. First, the 3D collection is going to have a total supply of 15,555. This is a very high supply, especially given the current market sentiment. Given the hype surrounding Karafuru, it is difficult to anticipate that this will be an issue. Second, the second generation collection is in 3D art style. A few months ago, 3D art was trending and we witnessed many rugpulls. For this reason, 3D art received poor publicity as a whole within the NFT space and is often associated with scams. Saying this, most projects are not Karafuru and do not have the status that they have. The WGMI Studios Team does not anticipate this will be an issue for them.


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