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Join The Sarge Universe’s Mint Party

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The Sarge Universe is having a mint party to celebrate the launch of its collection of 1,000 Sarge Universe’s Genesis Heroes (TSUGH) NFTs on January 27th at 21:30 UTC.

What is the Sarge Universe?

Steven Green, the founder of the Sarge Universe, is hoping to disrupt the $6.2 billion mobile gaming niche with the launch of three mobile games that empower gamers to:

  • Build personal brands
  • Earn daily revenue
  • Create in-game communities
  • Host e-sports tournaments

The three games (inspired by Clash of Clans & Fortnite) are interconnected through their own built-in social media platform, allowing players to build their network and gather followers across all three titles. 

Players can create private pay-to-enter communities where they can offer helpful tips and tricks to other gamers that subscribe for a nominal fee every month.

What is the Sarge Universe Genesis Heroes NFT collection?

The Sarge Universe’s Genesis Heroes (TSUGH) is a collection of 1,000 VIP NFTs.

A Sarge Hero NFT grants holders “celebrity status” across the entire Sarge Universe’s gaming franchise, and provides 16 use cases, broken down into 4 categories. That includes:

  • Free stuff (Sarge items & giveaways),
  • Early access (Sarge’s pre-sale & games),
  • Direct access (VIP groups & private AMAs); and
  • In-game perks (exclusive Heroes & secret VIP Metaverse areas).

You can join the mint party this Friday on Jan 27th at 21:30 UTC, where you can get your hands on one of the 1,000 VIP Genesis Heroes.

To learn more about the Sarge Universe visit their website, or Twitter page.


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