Jim Carrey Sells 1/1 NFT For 62 ETH

Jim Carrey auctioned off a 1/1 NFT of his ‘Sunshower’ acrylic paint artwork for 62 ETH. The auction took place on SuperRare, with a portion of its proceedings going to ‘Feeding America’.

Hollywood-abandoning actor Jim Carrey has auctioned off an NFT version of his physical, acrylic paint artwork for 62.04 ETH. 

Dubbed ‘Sunshower’, the dynamic artwork begins with a black and white title screen, which then transitions into the piece’s main portrait, which is a distorted painting of Carrey’s face within a flurry of colours and large blue raindrops. With help from illustrious film-industry figure David Bushell, who produced cinematic masterpieces such as Dallas Buyers Club and Deception, the digital piece will also be embedded with an original voice-note from Carrey. 

The 1/1 piece’s auction concluded with a bid of 62.04 ETH earlier today on SuperRare (or approximately $75,000). A portion of the price will be donated to ‘Feeding America,’ a non-profit network of food banks.


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