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Is Degenheim Innovating The NFT Space?

Every once in a while, a NFT project pops up that stands out from the rest. One of the more recent projects that has started to gain a noticeable amount of traction is called Degenheim. Degenheim currently boasts a strong 45.9k followers on Twitter and it consistently receives a ton of engagement despite the bearish market sentiment. Many big names and influencers, such as WGMI’s very own Kosher Plug and BentoBoi are following Degenheim on Twitter, so clearly it is doing something right. Without further ado, let’s take a deeper dive into what Degenheim is. 

What Is Degenheim?

Degenheim is a fully gamified and gradually expanding play and earn project. The NFT artwork has been hand-drawn by a veteran game artist in three different and unique art styles. Powering Degenheim is a team of seasoned experts and developers from the mainstream gaming industry with a build first and mint later mentality. This is evident as the team have been building and working on Degenheim since summer 2021. During this development process, it has managed to secure multiple long-term partnerships with many ‘blue chip’ projects and communities. 

The team’s mission is to empower the players and to replace “temporary custody” of Web2 in-game items with true digital ownership. The end goal is to create a gaming world where virtually anything in-game can become an NFT and potentially be monetized. Imagine having the fun of playing games such as Diablo, Hades, Path of Exile, Lost Ark, World of Warcraft etc. within a world where everything in-game is an NFT. That is Degenheim. 


The Powerhouse Team 

The team behind Degenheim is fully doxxed, they have years of experience and they are driven by pure gaming passion. The team consists of experts from various industries, but predominantly gaming, and they have mostly worked on games with 6-8 figures of recurring revenue. The majority of the people on the production team are seniors or experts with 5-10+ years of experience in their respective field. 

The core team is complimented by a group of highly experienced individuals from the NFT space as advisors, community managers, partnership managers and more. All of these people have a proven track record in the most-renowned projects in the space. Combining everything and everyone, Degenheim’s team has a comprehensive and well rounded team which will be able to deliver on all fronts. A full list of its team can be found on its website. 

If all of the above isn’t convincing enough, Degenheim has secured some of the most successful NFT communities as strategic partners. Its website displays that CyberKongzProject GodjiraNeo TokyoLlamaverseOpenDAOGangster AllstarsFusionEther Orcs and Forgotten Ethereal are all partners, showing the caliber and potential of Degenheim. 

How About The Utility And Roadmap?

The roadmap for Degenheim is long and extensive. The team claims that they are “not reinventing the wheel for the sake of reinventing the wheel.” But instead, they seek to utilize all relevant Web2 gaming concepts that to this day are proving to work, delivering billions in revenue to the industry, and expanding on them by truly and properly leveraging the technology of Web3, crypto and NFTs. 

So far, Degenheim has reached the first four milestones on its roadmap. The detailing of its extensive roadmap can be found above. One area to touch upon is the Ollampics (cross-community tournament), which is Degenheims own pre-mint game. 

Instead of the traditional and boring pre-mint process, Degenheim chose to do something unique. The Ollampics has brought all those who were willing together in one big cross-community elimination tournament. Every community, alpha group, gaming guild or DAO was able to choose their 5 champions to compete and potentially win prizes for themselves, their projects and communities. 

Of course with competition of this scale comes a great prize pool. The champion who comes in first place will receive 100 free mints for their community and a partnership with Degenheim with high-tier in-game integration. Second place will win 60 free mints for their community and partnership with Degenheim with mid-tier in-game interaction. Third place will win 35 free mints for their community and partnership with Degenheim with base-tier in-game integrations. Then 4th to 10th place will win a variety of prizes too. 

The in-game integration will vary according to what is most feasible for the champion’s type of project. The prizes will be discussed amongst the winners and the Degenheim team themselves. Some of the things that it may include could be characters, custom built items, branded arenas, in-game environments, weapons, armor, game development advisory, consultations and more. The Ollampics are currently ongoing. 

Regarding the utility, minters and holders are the ones who are helping the team co-fund the project and ought to be rewarded accordingly. The team has designed certain mechanisms to ensure that holders are provided with a ton of value, especially over the long term. This is to create and ensure community, player and customer satisfaction, with the hopes of leading to positive retention, repeated and multiple purchases. The team claims that “the more NFTs you own and the longer you hold, the more multiplicative value and exponential growth there will be.” 

Up until this point, it appears as if Degenheim has all of the ingredients to be a very successful NFT project. The most exciting aspect is the fact that they are pioneering and innovating the NFT gaming industry. Us Web3 natives already understand that it is only a matter of time before NFT technology disrupts every major industry around the globe, and it’s projects like this that are going to lead the charge. 

NFTs and gaming fit like a hand in a glove. However, mainstream gaming companies have been met with community backlash when any integration has been attempted. Could Degenheim be the one to change things forever? It certainly seems to have the potential to.