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HTC Launches the First Viverse Metaverse Compatible Smartphone

HTC has launched the Desire 22 Pro which is the first 'Viverse' metaverse compatible smartphone. It comes with NFT, crypto, and VR functionalities.

Taiwanese electronics company HTC has launched the ‘Desire 22 Pro,’ which is the first smartphone to be designed with compatibility with its Viverse metaverse in mind.

The phone comes preloaded with apps that allow users to manage their Viverse metaverse experience from the touch of a screen, including crypto and NFT management system, as well as a digital marketplace for buying and selling NFTs.

The phone’s Web3 abilities also extend into the hardware realm, as through leveraging HDCP 2.2 connectivity, it can be seamlessly synced to HTC’s lightweight Vive Flow headset to enjoy activities in VR such as meetings and watching films.

Through the company’s relatively small market share when it comes to mobile phones, it will have its work cut out when it comes to capturing consumers as Web3 tech continues to make its way into mobile devices. This is not only because fellow Asian tech powerhouse Samsung has already built a wealth of experience in crypto-holding solutions, but also because the biggest phone manufacturer of them all, Apple, is planning on launching augmented and virtual reality products next year.


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