How to Build a Brand With AI Tools (For Free)

March 8, 2023

Building a brand is essential to earning your customers’ trust. If they trust you, they’ll tell their friends about you and keep coming back for more.

A brand is your business’ identity, and helps customers recognize you in a busy world.

Building a brand takes time, money, and a lot of work. Fortunately, we can use AI tools to help us develop our brand positioning, pick a name, tell our brand’s story, and create all the brand assets we need (like logos and websites) in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost.

This article is your step-by-step guide on how to build a brand using AI tools.

Define your target audience

Defining your target audience helps you focus your branding efforts and minimize the chances of your campaigns falling on deaf ears.

You don’t see funeral service providers creating brands that attract millennials. You don’t see brands selling tight-fitting gym clothes targeting pensioners. That’s because they are targeting the people who are most likely to buy their products or services.

Your first step is to define your target audience. Analyze your followers, conduct surveys, and research who your competitors are targeting to answer the following questions about your target audience:

  • What is their gender?
  • What is their age range?
  • Where do they live?
  • What are their interests and hobbies?
  • What is their monthly income?

When you have answered these questions, stick them in the prompt below and ask ChatGPT to create a ‘buyer persona’. A ‘buyer persona’ is a fictional profile of someone in our target audience. At every stage of building our brand, we should ask ourselves whether it would resonate with these buyer personas.

Prompt: I want you to create 3 buyer personas.

My target audience is [GENDER]. They are [AGE RANGE]. They live in [CITY/COUNTRY]. They are interested in [INTEREST]. Their monthly income is [INCOME RANGE].

Here is an example buyer persona. Copy the structure, but not the contents on this example: “Max, 28, is a software developer in New York City. He enjoys rock climbing and is passionate about sustainability. In his free time, he volunteers at an urban farm and writes about environmental issues on his blog. He is very active on Twitter and has a large following in the sustainability community. Max is interested in starting a sustainable clothing line and is working on his designs.”

Develop your brand positioning statement

A positioning statement is one or two sentences that establish who you are and what your mission is. It outlines how you differentiate yourself from your competitors, and the reason your customers should buy your product or services.

A mission statement provides you, your employees and your contractors a clear guide on what the company is and what it is striving for. Every decision that is made must align with the values and objectives in the mission statement. 

Here is a handy structure you can use to develop your brand positioning statement:

“For [your target market] who [their needs], [your company name] provides [solutions to their problems] because [persuade customers by explaining the unique selling points].”

If you are struggling, then you can put the following prompt into ChatGPT:

Prompt: Use this formula to develop my brand’s positioning statement: For [the target market] who [their needs], [your company name] provides [solutions to their problems] because [persuade customers by explaining the unique selling points].

My business is called [NAME]. We are a business that [DESCRIBE PRODUCT OR SERVICE].

Pick a business name

A good brand needs a good name. The goal is to pick a memorable word that conveys the right emotions and ideas to your audience. Here are a few different types of names that are common amongst the biggest brands in the world:

  • Descriptive: Titles that describe the business, like ‘Hotels.com’ and ‘Bank of America’.
  • Emotive names: Evoke emotional responses, like ‘Innocent Smoothies’ and ‘Triumph Motorcycles’.
  • Origin names: Where the business began, or who made it, like ‘Ford’.
  • Compound names: Combine words, like ‘Facebook’, and ‘Netflix’.
  • Initials and acronyms: Easy to remember versions of long names, like ‘BMW’.
  • Cultural references: In Greek mythology, Nike is the goddess of victory, which inspired the popular shoe brand.

There are many AI-powered business name generators that you can use, but I have found ChatGPT to be the best name generator. By providing it more details about your business, your target audience, your brand position statement (see section above), and the type of name you want, it can provide much more tailored name ideas.

Prompt: Please create 10 business name ideas.

Our mission statement: [INSERT MISSION STATEMENT]


The business name ideas should be [CHOOSE A NAME TYPE]

Write your slogan

A catchy slogan helps customers understand your company and what it does.

Redbull’s slogan “Redbull gives you wings” is extremely memorable and tells the customer they can expect an energy boost with a Redbull drink.

Nike’s slogan “Just do it” represents the brand’s motivational attitude.

If catchy slogans don’t come easy to you, then ChatGPT can help you come up with dozens of catchy slogan ideas in seconds.

Prompt: Please create 5 slogan ideas for our business.

Our mission statement: [INSERT MISSION STATEMENT]


Create a Logo with Midjourney

A logo is a fundamental part of a brand’s identity, and is crucial for building brand recognition among customers. If designed well, it can communicate the values, personality and uniqueness of a business.

Midjourney is a generative AI art tool that enables anyone to quickly create a high-quality, professional logo. For many businesses, it is quickly becoming a genuine alternative to spending thousands of dollars hiring graphic designers.

A few prompts in Midjourney can generate logos like these:

To learn how you can use Midjourney to create high-quality logos, make sure you check out this article.

When you have your logo, make sure you use it on your website and across all of your social media platforms.

Closing Thoughts

Many of the world’s largest businesses are valuable solely because of their brand. You are more likely to watch a Disney film because you trust them to create good stories. People aspire to own a Rolex because they know the watch will be of the highest quality. People resort to McDonalds’ burgers because they know exactly how it will taste every single time.

The only way to build this level of trust with your customers is through consistent and professional branding. Now you can use AI tools to help you achieve that.

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