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 Hooligram, The Project Bringing NFTs To Life

My Pet Hooligan has teamed up with an animation studio to allow token holders to pilot their NFTs.

In the early hours of the morning, My Pet Hooligan Tweeted to announce that its entire genesis collection is on its way to Immi, an animation platform. “Get ready to pilot your NFT with just a mobile phone, your facial expressions and a lil bit of creativity”, this is something called Hooligram. Sounds pretty cool, right?


First, What Is My Pet Hooligan?

My Pet Hooligan is an interactive NFT project and experience from AMGI Studios, a high caliber and powerful storytelling animated content creator. Together, they bring together blockchain technology, gaming and animation to create innovative products and provide fun digital experiences. My Pet Hooligan is a project and brand driven by some of the “most decorated individuals in animation, gaming and De-Fi.”


What Is Immi? 

Immi is a place where imagination meets animation. Immi’s app states that it is a real-time animating platform, making full-body 3D cinema-quality characters and facial tracking technology accessible to anyone, anywhere. By using this technology, users are able to bring imaginative characters to life. The team consists of tech veterans and former entertainment executives who are committed to infusing joy and fun into the world. To learn more about Immi, watch this clip. 


How About Hooligram? 

Hooligram is a proprietary real time animation application designed for NFT holders. The app enables users to animate and control their NFT character through real-time motion capture of facial expressions and on-command animation technology. It can be viewed as a form of digital cosplay. This will allow you to “become your NFT”. For the first time ever, NFT token holders have the power to give their NFTs a personality which can empower content creators and owners to create brands using their NFTs. Hooligram V1 has already launched.

What else can Hooligram be used for? Well, it can also be used for livestreaming to popular platforms and even attending meetings as your NFT. Hooligram is currently only available for My Pet Hooligan holders and all 8,888 are in Hooligram. The team states that they “are in the process of onboarding more projects to Hooligram and are always open for discussion if you would like to get your project on Hooligram too”. To see a Hooligram demo, click here.


This revolutionary technology is a big leap forwards for the NFT space and it opens many new doors. Could it potentially be a fundamental building block for the next generation of the Metaverse? The fact that it provides a bridge from human to digital interactions is certainly bullish and many investors also share the same viewpoint. In a YouTube interview, Immi’s co-founder, Josh Jenkins-Robbins, claimed that it has raised a large amount of capital through investors such as Paris Hilton, Mark Cuban, Tony Robbins, Pitbull, Steve Aoki and a “number of other individuals”. With names like this backing the technology, it’s worth keeping on your radar. 

Want To Get Involved?

To access the Hooligram, you’re going to need a My Pet Hooligan NFT token. At the time of writing, it sits at a 1.07 ETH floor price. Don’t fancy breaking your pockets? No worries! WGMI Media is hosting a competition where you have the chance to win a My Pet Hooligan NFT. If you fancy your chances and want to learn more, head over to this post on the WGMI Discord server. Good luck!  


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