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Exclusive Holder Only Content

Daily WGMI Newsletters

Daily WGMI holders-only newsletters provide a brief and concise summary of events in the NFT market so our holders are always updated on the trends in the market, projects that have recently launched, and the projects that will be launching soon.

NFT Project Calendar

Upcoming Projects Calendar

WGMI’s Upcoming Projects Calendar is an expertly curated calendar that ensures WGMI Genesis holders are constantly informed of all the upcoming high-quality

projects. Each upcoming project on the calendar also has a dedicated page which provides a deep-dive analysis in written and video format on the project’s art, technology, team, roadmap and marketing strategy.

WGMI Studios Videos and Podcast

A WGMI Genesis NFT is your VIP ticket to exclusive content and behind-the-scenes footage of your favorite NFT influencers, including Kmoney, Brett Malinowski, KosherPlug and BentoBoi.

Community and Whitelist Giveaways

Holders of WGMI Genesis NFTs receive access to private Discord channels, where you can chat with the founders and play fun games to win prizes. WGMI holders also receive hundreds of whitelist spots for NFT projects every single week.

Key Genesis NFT Benefits

Become an NFT expert

All experts and industry moguls require tools and technologies that help them save time and stay up-to-date. The WGMI Media website will be your tool to gain expert NFT insights.

Stay one step ahead

In a fast-paced market, information is king. WGMI Media provides a competitive edge with a continuous stream of current news and important events in the NFT space.


How many times a day are you reminded to ‘do your own research’? But high quality, effective research is much easier said than done. WGMI provides you with the information and resources you need to conduct high quality research on upcoming projects.

Access to NFT whales
and crypto moguls

WGMI Genesis holders have a front row seat for interviews and live events with VIP guests, revealing exactly what the brightest minds in the industry are thinking about NFT trends and projects.