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Your all-in-one media hub for expert-curated NFT news, insights and research tools.

WGMI Media Overview

The NFT space is one of the hottest and fastest growing industries on the planet. As the vibrancy and complexity of the market increases, so does the difficulty of staying on top of key news and trends.

WGMI Media provides all the NFT analysis, insights and research tools required to survive and thrive in Web3.

WGMI Media Website

Genesis holders can find all WGMI content in one place on the WGMI Media website - the world’s first all-in-one NFT media outlet. The WGMI Media website will cover current events and provide regular in-depth market analyses to keep Genesis holders up-to-date with all important topics and trends.

WGMI Studios Podcast

Three of the NFT industry’s leading experts come together in their weekly podcast. @BentoboiNFT @Kosherplug and @thebrettway will leverage their expertise and network to share analyses of upcoming projects, key industry trends, and insightful interviews with NFT whales and crypto moguls.

Educational Content

How many times a day are you reminded to ‘do your own research’? But high quality, effective research is much easier said than done. WGMI provides you with the information and resources you need to conduct high quality research on upcoming projects.

Access to NFT whales and crypto moguls

WGMI Genesis holders have a front row seat for interviews and live events with VIP guests, revealing exactly what the brightest minds in the industry are thinking about NFT trends and projects.

Upcoming Projects Calendar (Holders Only)

WGMI’s Upcoming Projects Calendar is an expertly curated calendar that ensures WGMI Genesis holders are constantly informed of all the upcoming high-quality projects. Each upcoming project on the calendar also has a dedicated page which provides a deep-dive analysis in written and video format on the project’s art, technology, team, roadmap and marketing strategy.

Daily WGMI Newsletters (Holders Only)

Daily WGMI Newsletters provide a brief and concise summary of events in the NFT market so our holders are always updated on the trends in the market, projects that have recently launched, and the projects that will be launching soon.

Meet the Team

Founders and Management

Brett Malinowski


Founder of sucessful NFT projects including the Magic Mushroom Clubhouse and NFT Academy.



CEO of The Plug Pass and CFO of the Kosher Kit



The brains behind the marketing of Squishy Squad and the JRNY FT club.


Head of Operations

Swapped managing actors & producing films for herding degens & overseeing NFT Projects. Same same but different!


Chief Editor

Attorney turned author and content manager for a bunch of tech startups across Europe.

Content Team

Andres Salinas

Roving Reporter

Co-Host WGMI Podcast
your web 3 fren




Web3 comedian

Dylan Shub

Senior Correspondent / WGMI Spaces

Private Banking, Offshore Trusts
Family Offices, Fine art consultant
Crown Capital, Fat Cats, Midnight Labs

Prometheus “Mr. Fud”

Mr. Fud

NFTs “Oscar the Grouch”
20 years experience in selling bottoms and buying tops.
Burns more eth than a Yugalabs land sale.




Graduated as a 2D/3D Animation Art Student.


Graphic/UI Designer

Graphic Designer with experience in various industries.


Editor Extraordinaire

Leads the WGMI Editing team




WGMI Collabs/ MMC Activity & Social Media Manager
Degen that loves his job


Community manager

WGMI Media Community Manager & Head of Collabs