5 AI Tools That Will Make You Highly Productive

February 1, 2023

Productivity is the measure of how efficiently we can complete a task. A highly productive person can complete a specific task in considerably less time than their less productive counterparts.

If you can find a way of becoming highly productive, then you can multiply your output to stand out from your colleagues and/or generate more business. Alternatively, you can use your new-found time to see your family and friends, hit the gym, read a book, or learn a new skill.

The recent explosion of ChatGPT has given us a glimpse of how we can use AI tools to multiply our productivity. Well, here are 5 more AI tools that will turn you into a highly productive human being.

1. Noat: Your personal AI note taker

Noat is an AI tool that takes high-quality notes during classes and lectures so you don’t have to. By saving us the time of manually writing notes during a class, we can focus on the people and topics in front of us.

So, if you missed an important section of your lecture because you were distracted, you can easily revisit the section in your automated notes.

By creating a high-quality summary of all your lectures, this tool will also prove invaluable when it comes to revision before exams.

2. Rewind: A search engine for your life

Rewind is a shockingly powerful AI tool that records everything you do, see, say, or hear on your computer.

According to a recent study, employees spend 3.6 hours each day searching for info. It sounds about right. How much time have you spent looking across email, Slack, three messaging apps, your entire search history, and every other nook and cranny for something you are certain you’ve seen before?

Well, Rewind records the entire usage of your computer (in a way that safely stores your data), so you can easily search and find what you are looking for.

3. Rationale: Save time making decisions

Studies show that adults make around 35,000 decisions every day, and we spend over two hours deliberating over them. That means we spend a month of every year making decisions. Indecisive people are likely to spend even longer.

There is a huge opportunity to increase our productivity by reducing the time it takes to make decisions.

Rationale helps users make tough decisions by generating a list of pros and cons, or a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis.

We recently wrote an article to reveal how you can use Rationale to become more decisive.

4. Ipso: Schedule meetings 100x faster

Ipso.ai is an AI tool that promises to make us more productive by reducing the time it takes to schedule our meetings.

An experimental study at ETH Zurich revealed that it takes 26 to 30 minutes to schedule a business meeting between 6 to 8 people. My personal experience tells me it can take much longer when trying to arrange meetings with senior colleagues with hectic schedules.

Ipso is an AI assistant that analyzes and manages calendars to help us schedule meetings in a fraction of the time.

5. Noty: Taking action after meetings

We spend a lot of time in meetings. Most employees spend up to 33% of their workweek in meetings. Zoom fatigue means we often lose focus, take ineffective notes, and forget what others (and we) have promised to do.

Noty plans to solve that by taking accurate transcriptions and high-quality summaries of all our meetings. Noty’s meeting notes allow us to easily search the meeting minutes and assign action points to every member of our team.

It’s a Project Manager’s dream come true.

Bonus tool

This tool is so useful, I couldn’t help but include it as a bonus tip. Never say we don’t treat you well here at WGMI.

If you have recently discovered the wonder of ChatGPT, then this Chrome Extension will blow your mind.

It adds ChatGPT as a popup window on your favorite search engine (i.e. Google) and displays ChatGPT’s answer alongside Google’s results.

Also, you’ll love our guide to prompt engineering for ChatGPT. It teaches you how to use the most effective prompts to quickly receive the outputs you need.

Closing thoughts

New AI tools that help us save time and become highly productive are released every single day. As people increasingly adopt these tools, it becomes more and more important that we learn how to use these tools to stay competitive in life and business.

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