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Hello Kitty Is Launching an NFT Project

A new and exclusive Hello Kitty NFT collection is set to drop next month. Here’s what you need to know.

If you’re familiar with the Metaverse, then no doubt that you would have heard of the leading blockchain-based platform creators such as The SandboxDecentralandUplandAnimoca Brands, and Metametaverse, to name a few. These industry-leading brands have partnered up to launch Open Metaverse Alliance (OMA3) to push the evolution of the Metaverse in a direction that aligns with the main fundamentals of Web3. Its website states that OMA3 invites “all blockchain-based Metaverse companies to join.”



RECUR “removes boundaries of fandom.” It builds on-chain branded NFT experiences that allow fans to buy, sell and engage with digital products and collectibles through NFTs. RECUR is the premier Web3 platform for creating innovative, multi-chain NFT experiences for all, from the world’s largest brands to individual creators and fans. It has already powered Nickelodeon NFT, guiding it to launch successfully. In addition, the Care Bear NFT collection is due to launch on RECUR next week. It’s safe to say that Hello Kitty is in good hands.


About Sanrio

Sanrio is a global lifestyle brand and creator of Hello Kitty. Sanrio is also the home to many other beloved character brands such as LittletwinstarsMy MelodyAggretsuko, and more. 


The Hello Kitty Collection

Hello Kitty and Friends are embarking on a new journey. The world-famous franchise will launch its 10,000 supply collection on the RECUR marketplace. Fans can mint and collect Hello Kitty characters, then earn new digital collectibles by completing various tasks where they travel to eight cities around the world.  


Two of these will exclusively be available for RECUR pass holders. The details regarding the characters and locations of the NFTs will be announced on its Twitter page leading up to the drop. 

RECUR Founder and CEO Zach Bruch said, “we’re thrilled to create a platform for all Hello Kitty fans, old and new, to take flight and experience the metaverse through Hello Kitty and Friends World. Our goal is to provide a community where fans can interact and explore the metaverse with brands and IPs they love. We can’t wait to bring that to life for Sanrio fans across the globe.”

There are many die-hard Hello Kitty enthusiasts around the globe (especially in Asia) who collect every single piece of Hello Kitty merchandise available, whether it be backpacks, toys, or pencil cases. Suppose ‘Hello Kitty’ is able to market the NFT collection to its existing fanbase and make the minting experience user-friendly. In that case, it is very likely that it will sell out immediately. 


The fact that Hello Kitty has decided to launch on RECUR dramatically increases its chances of success. This is because RECUR is Web3 natives, meaning they understand what does and doesn’t work within the NFT space. 

Hello Kitty is arguably more trendy and sought after than Nickelodeon. It will be exciting to see if the Hello Kitty and Friends collection can outperform the Rugrats & Hey Arnold collection!



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