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Hasbro Teams With WoW to Launch An Exclusive Monopoly Game NFTs

Hasbro is teaming with WoW to launch exclusive NFT and physical editions of its timeless board game Monopoly.

Hasbro is partnering with prominent NFT project World of Women (WoW) to launch exclusive NFT and physical editions of its infamous Monopoly board game.

To begin with, ‘World of Women Galaxy Monopoly’ NFTs will be distributed to all WoW and WoW Galaxy NFT holders, which, along with their Monopoly x WoW artworks, will serve as digital editions of the legendary board game. As per the announcement of the project, the game will quite likely feature novel elements such as ‘Gas Fees’ penalties, however, Hasbro has stated that such artwork is not fully confirmed to feature in the game. 

In time, and with help from board game manufacturer WS Game Company, each holder will then be sent an exclusive, physical edition of the WoW-inspired Monopoly board game. That being said, the launch date of the game (in both its digital and physical capacities that is) remains TBA.


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