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Gods Unchained Developer ‘Immutable’ Lays-Off Over 20 Staff Members

Immutable, the Australian game developer behind ‘Gods Unchained,’ has laid off over 20 (6%) of its workforce.

Australian start-up Immutable, which is the creator of hit NFT game Gods Unchained, has laid off over 20 of its staff members. 

The dismissal, which sees 6% of the companyu2019s workforce be relieved of their duties, was announced by chief studio officer Juston Hulog and CEO James Ferguson during a Google Meet meeting on Monday morning. 

Despite Ferguson instating that Immutable was in a u2018fantastic position,u2019 each member had a 15-minute meeting with HR following the meeting, wherein they were told whether they were losing their job or not. 

The bulk of the lay-offs centred around those who worked on developing one of the companyu2019s most successful projects, Gods Unchained. Included in the unfortunate few were multiple senior staff members, which has meant that the project is predominantly left with junior staff or C suite members. According to an Immutable spokesperson, the redundancies were part of a  u201csmall reorganisation within Gods Unchained to help better enable us to achieve our goal of creating the next generation of web3 gamesu201d. In addition, an internal memo which was sent to staff members on Wednesday said that the reallocation was made in order to scale the game to u2018millions of players over the next yearu2019. 

That being said, the fall in the gameu2019s users may have something to do with the lay-offs, as back in early April, the game saw 22,000 unique active logins, whilst now, such statistic sits at around 10,000. 

The $2.4 billion-value company is not the first big-hitter to make redundancies throughout the current bear market, as Coinbase laid off 18% of its staff last month, whilst OpenSea dismissed 20% of its workforce earlier this month. 



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