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Frank DeGods Has Been Doxxed

Frank DeGods, the founder of DeGods and y00ts, has been doxxed. Frank took to Twitter to explain his story. Here’s what we now know:

  • His real name is Rohun Vora.
  • This is his Instagram page.
  • His pseudonym, Frank, was inspired by Frank Ocean.
  • He grew up in LA, and has Indian heritage.
  • Rohun has been working on movie sets since he was 15/16.
  • He went to UCLA to study film, but dropped out after falling out of love with the film industry.
  • He started a business called Duffl, where they used hacked Bird e-scooters to deliver groceries within 10 minutes. He was accepted at Y Combinator and raised $1.3m.
  • After joining a coding boot camp, Rohun landed a job at Main Street as a one-man marketing team. Main Street went on to raise at a $500m valuation.
  • He made a website called, and it went viral. 
  • He saw the Degen Apes mint on Solana, and started going deep into the Solana ecosystem. 

It’s not only me who finds his story impressive… the market does too. The y00ts floor price jumped over 40% to 165 SOL after Frank’s doxxing. 

This positive market reaction seems to have inspired a number of other NFT personalities to doxx, including the founder of 9dcc, Gmoney. 


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