How to Follow Smart Money To Make Money With NFTs

October 7, 2022

Best Tools for NFT Wallet Research and Some Best Practices

Today at WGMI Media, we will cover how to research and find various wallet addresses of profitable ‘smart money traders’ and various celebrities so you can be in the loop and make even better decisions when it comes to buying and selling NFTs. 
Following smart money traders can help you see the patterns and secrets behind their success, what projects they are currently trading, and when they are selling for profit. Keeping track of celebrity wallets can also prove to be extremely valuable as they have hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of followers that will end up buying the same projects. This could, in turn, end up pumping the floor price of those collections. 
There are a lot of smart money traders in the NFT space, and if you want to become a profitable trader, it may be a good idea to follow the money and do what they do, and not necessarily what they say. Always remember that we don’t provide financial advice, and to always make it a habit to do your own research. This guide will help you do just that, so read on!
First, here are a few of the best wallet profile trackers you can use:


You can plug in any wallet address (on Ethereum, BSC, or Polygon) to get a grasp on the NFTs and cryptocurrencies they are holding and the approximate net worth in an instant. This will help you find profitable traders and whale wallets that you can add to your own personalized research database. DappRadar is great because it doesn’t require you to create an account, and it’s free to use, so it is extremely useful in NFT and crypto research.


By paying a small monthly fee, you can receive push notifications for any Ethereum transactions made by any wallet you input. This tool can help you catch the top NFT trades in real time because, most of the time, getting in early into a winning project is the name of the game, and now you set yourself up to receive alerts as soon as any smart money traders or celebrities purchase any NFTs.


Nansen provides some of the best trading tools but also costs a pretty penny. Listed below are a few of the amazing features that Nansen’s platform provides, although it requires an active subscription. Nansen also provides a free seven-day trial, so you can check it out before making any commitment. 

Wallet Profiler – track and follow any NFT wallet

Smart Money – track and follow the most profitable traders and their wallets

Token God Mode – easily view a collection or a token’s price and trade volume as well as the most profitable traders for that collection.

Some Wallet and Their Profiles to Help You Get Started

Now that we’ve covered some of the free and paid tools you can use to research and follow various wallets and NFT collections, below is a list of 9 profiles you may use want to follow depending on your individual preference and strategy. 

The list includes smart money traders (flippers) and some famous celebrities you may recognize. If you wish to create your own list of wallets to follow, look into the individual collections and those who have made the most profit and start researching how they have been able to do it. Nansen is one of the best platforms to use for this type of research. 



An anonymous trader who has been extremely successful in the NFT space. He is relatively unknown, but some of his trades and his net worth have been the stuff of legend in NFT space.



An anonymous profitable smart money flipper who made more than 14,000 ETH from CryptoPunks. Some of this individual’s most notable sales include purchasing three CryptoPunks for approximately $770 and turning it into more than $1.42 million dollars.



Shaw is an anonymous flipper who has made tons of money, mainly flipping CryptoPunks. Shaw has sold an incredible 230 CryptoPunks NFTs, the highest selling for 170 ETH, punk #8842. Last year, Shaw sold 26 punks that each went for more than 100 ETH.   



A pseudonymous yet extremely profitable NFT investor, collector, and flipper.

Twitter – 287k followers

Steve Aoki


A prominent celebrity NFT collector who is also An American DJ, record producer, music programmer, record executive, and heir to his father Rocky Aoki’s fortune from the Benihana restaurant franchise (Source: Wikipedia).

Twitter – 8.2M followers

Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vee #1: 0xd6a984153aCB6c9E2d788f08C2465a1358BB89A7

Gary Vee #2: 0x263A1C688C4426Eede9B57E741fFb2B9CAdcCA94

One of the biggest NFT influencers who has helped create more millionaire NFT collectors than anyone else. He is followed by the whose who of the NFT space and is one person worth keeping on your radar. 

Twitter – 3.1M followers

Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban #1: 0x95abda53bc5e9fbbdce34603614018d32ced219e

Mark Cuban #2: 0x293Ed38530005620e4B28600f196a97E1125dAAc

An American billionaire entrepreneur, television personality, and media proprietor whose net worth is an estimated $4.8 billion, according to Forbes. He may not be the smartest NFT or cryptocurrency investor, but he is an incredible influencer with a huge following.

Twitter – 8.8M followers

Logan Paul


An American YouTuber and social media personality who is also an avid cryptocurrency and NFT influencer and an investor.

Twitter – 6.6M followers

Steph Curry


An American professional basketball player for the Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association (NBA) who is also an avid NFT collector.

Twitter – 17M followers

In short, following smart money traders can help you figure out how to start winning in the NFT space. On the other hand, celebrities bring media attention, and monitoring their wallet addresses and purchases makes it possible to see what projects they are looking into BEFORE the media shares the news. Like most financial investments, those who get in early tend to make the most profit in the long run. 

*Always remember to invest only with what you can afford to lose, and always DYOR before blindly investing in anything (whether it’s NFTs, cryptocurrencies, or traditional stock markets).

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