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In this WGMI Spotlight, we take a deep dive into Fat Cats' story, team, utility and marketing strategy. We set out our bullish case and our reservations.

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Mint Details

Mint Date 




Mint Price 

0.08 ETH

Mint Limit 

Presale – 2 max  Public – 10 max

What are Fat Cats? 

Fat Cats is a collection of 5,000 unique NFTs that double as a membership token to the Fat Cats DAO. Fat Cats’ main goal is to build a community-focused premier blue-chip NFT collectors club where anyone who holds a Fat Cats NFT can have a fractionalized ownership of the entire ‘Fat Cats Portfolio’.

Story / Background 

Fat Cats is a blue-chip collection DAO with a fully doxxed team of professionals from the worlds of traditional finance, crypto-investing, fine art, and marketing who are also equipped with an extensive network of contacts in the NFT space. This project was created in order to help lower the barrier of entry for investors looking to invest in blue-chip NFTs. Fat Cats NFTs will give holders access to a share of the entire DAO’s holdings at an affordable price. In addition to substantial capital gains potential, Fat Cats members will be able to vote on whether to hold a particular blue-chip NFT or to take distributions.

Utility + Roadmap

Formation of the Fat Cats Bank 

Fat Cats Bank is seeded with 280 ETH (70% will come from the initial mint in addition to 100% of all royalties. 


Growing the Fat Cats Portfolio

Fat Cats DAO will begin to acquire blue-chip NFTs to add to the Fat Cats Portfolio, and every Fat Cats holder will have a pro-rata share of the holdings depending on how many NFTs they own. 


Entering the Metaverse

Fat Cats will be purchasing land to develop a community metaverse estate that includes a museum and rentals in at least one of the major metaverse platforms. In addition to this, Fat Cats has already forged strategic partnerships to ensure maximum exposure.


Premier Private Member’s Club Access 

All holders of Fat Cats NFTs will gain entry into their private Discord server and exclusive holders-only channels which will bring together thinkers, innovators, and investors who will become the future leaders of the Web3 revolution. 


Junior Fat Cats Free Mint 

Every Fat Cats holder will be able to mint a Junior Fat Cats (a second collection) for free. An additional quantity will be sold to the public to grow the treasury and the Fat Cats community.


Fat Cats has an incredibly stacked team with a plethora of digital artists, market analysts, and advisors who have already built a reputation in the NFT space. Listed below are all of the team members in addition to their profile links which can be found on the Fat Cats’ official website.

Dylan Shub (Founder)

Habib Lichaa (Market Analyst)

Bill Palmer (Market Analyst) 

Dave Stevens (Project Manager) 

Angie Simpson (Senior Artist)

Danny Shelborne (Artist)

Drilon Saraqini (Contract Developer)

Giancarlo (Advisor)

Bret Malinowski (Advisor)

Captain Bad (Advisor)

Equibar (Advisor)

Kerimbonia (Advisor)

Patrick Dawson (Artist)

Thomas Cluseau (Community Manager)

Vanessa Foo (Collaborations Manager)

Vincent Bailey (Market Analyst)


The Fat Cats project has a strong array of strategic partners that are listed below (taken from the official Fat Cats website). The specific nature of these collaborations has not yet been disclosed, but the list of partners ranges from established cryptocurrency projects, successful NFT projects, database management companies, and others.

Marketing / Community

Fat Cats currently has around 28.4k followers on Twitter and only 5,213 members on their (locked) Discord server which is on the low side. Fat Cats has been a part of many whitelist giveaways and collaborations with various NFT projects in an effort to gain more followers and grow their community engagement levels. In addition to Twitter giveaways, the Fat Cats team has also been a part of many Twitter Spaces, AMAs, and podcasts which seem to be a big part of their marketing strategy. Listed below are some of the latest projects that have done giveaways with Fat Cats.

  • Blitz Battle
  • Ape List
  • Mee NFT
  • Moonsie
  • Game of Silks
  • BAO Society
  • My Pet Hooligan
  • Shadow Rai
  • Bricktopians
  • Color Monsters
  • Flower Fam
  • Braindom
  • Meta Triads
  • Enigma Economy

Marketing / Community

In order to get whitelisted (‘catlisted’) on project Fat Cats, there are currently 5 different options. 

  1. Active community chat participation in their general lounge, Twitter, or in the Fat Cats
    Cafe (Twitter Space).  
  2. Win one of four daily games including rumble-royal, poker, gartic, or a trivia competition. 
  3. Win one of Fat Cats’ social media competitions.
  4. One to Two listeners will be given a whitelist spot on the Fat Cats Cafe Twitter space. 
  5. Win a WL through a collab giveaway.



Bullish case

The success of NFT projects is largely determined by their team. Fat Cats has an incredibly stacked team of experts who are well connected and also have a proven track record which is crucial in the NFT space. Fat Cats is trying to provide a solution for investors who wish to invest in blue-chip NFTs who previously didn’t have a means of doing so. By investing in Fat Cats, investors will be able to claim fractionalized ownership of all of the blue-chip NFTs in Fat Cats’ Portfolio.


Despite having a stacked team and a brilliant concept, there seems to be a bit of a gap when it comes to the marketing behind Fat Cats. This is made apparent when looking at Fat Cats and their Twitter follower count (over 28k) and Discord members (over 5k) as it is sparse. This could be a result of Fat Cat’s locked Discord, or could merely be a sign that Fat Cats is a hidden gem that most people haven’t had a chance to find out or learn about just yet. 

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