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Facebook Begins Testing Ethereum and Polygon NFTs on its Platform

Meta has begun testing NFT features on Facebook, starting with digital assets from the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains.

Social media conglomerate Meta has begun testing NFT features on its largest subsidiary, Facebook. 

For the time being, the test is only available for a select number of US-based creators and involves them being able to showcase both Ethereum and Polygon NFTs on their profiles by linking their crypto-wallets to the platform. 

As per Navdeep Singh’s, who is the Product Manager of Meta, a sneak-peek of the new feature, the digital assets will be kept within a ‘Digital Collectibles’ folder which will feature on each user’s profile. The NFTs will also be able to be posted on the Facebook timeline, where friends can then react to them through likes, comments, and shares.

The move comes as part of Meta’s ambition to turn Facebook into a new hub for blockchain ongoings, as it also accompanies the company’s efforts to redesign its ‘Groups’ feature into something which mimics the heavily Web3 adopted Discord. In the near future, NFTs from Solana and Flow blockchains will also be added to the platform to further such a journey. 



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