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Everything You Need To Know About PROOF’s Grails Season II Drop

PROOF Collective Grails project has just released details for season II. Here’s what you need to know.

If you’re unaware, PROOF Collective is a private members-only collective of 1,000 dedicated NFT collectors and artists. If you’re interested in joining this collective, then you better not be feeling stingy. There are only 24 listed for sale, and the floor price on the NFT tokens is 76.99 ETH ($124,733). The PROOF collective is the powerhouse behind Moonbirds and Grails, which have a collective floor price of 20.74 ETH ($33,749).

Why am I telling you this? It’s because, on Monday, August 1st, PROOF announced season II of Grails on Twitter. In addition, it also updated its website to include sneak peeks of the art and mint details. According to the mint countdown on the website, mint passes will be airdropped, and the burn event for Grails II will start on August 16th at 11 am EST.  Why is this important? It’s because anything released by PROOF seems to turn to gold, so it’s worth paying attention to.

First, What Is Grails? 

Grails is a collection of 25 unique pieces of art, each created by a different artist. Season II includes top all-time selling artists, creators releasing their first NFT, & one posthumous work. The artists come from generative, pixel, glitch, collage, & photography backgrounds.

The Twist? The artists’ names won’t be revealed until after the minting window closes. Do you mint based on the piece that resonates with you most? Or do you mint based on the most (or least) popular choice? Grails appeals to the art lover and the game theorist inside us all.

During Grails Season I, the PROOF community used art analysis and historical and technical research to drive their minting decisions as they tried to identify the artists behind the works.

This year, Season II of Grails features 25 artists selected by Eli Scheinman and founder Kevin Rose. The collection represents incredible talent and diversity across the NFT space.

What You Need To Know About The Mint

To mint a Grail NFT, you’ll need to hold a Grails Season II Mint Pass. The Mint Pass is obtained by having a PROOF Collective NFT or a nested Moonbird with the Grail headwear trait. Mint Passes can also be purchased on OpenSea. Once the mint window opens, Mint Passes can be burned for the Grail of your choosing. The cost to mint will be .05 ETH.

What Is The Community Consensus? 

As always, people immediately take to Twitter to express their opinions once new news is announced. Usually, the reactions are mixed. However, by browsing through the comments and searching for responses, it appears that almost everyone is looking forward to this drop. One fan stated that he is “so excited to follow along” even though he doesn’t have a mint pass. He added, “Grails is the most fun art-focused NFT project out there.” Similar comments and viewpoints can be seen throughout Twitter.

Final Thoughts

The fact that the artists’ identities are kept hidden until the post-mint live reveal event is cool. It removes the biased perception that can creep in through association. For example, if you know a piece is from a reputable artist, you’re far more likely to like it, regardless of whether the actual art is visually pleasing. Implementing this method and removing identities gives up-and-coming artists an equal chance. It doesn’t matter whether someone has sold a previous piece for seven figures or if it is their first piece; they will be judged solely on the art and not their reputation. I, for one, think this is very interesting and innovative.

To add to this, as mentioned previously, it appears that everything PROOF Collective creates and releases turns to gold. Grails II will likely follow suit. For this reason, this drop is one to keep on your radar.


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