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Epic Games Remains Bullish For Blockchain Tech Despite Minecraft NFT Ban

Epic Games will not be following Mojang Studios in its decision to ban NFTs and blockchain technology in its games.

In the wake of Mojang Studios deciding to outlaw blockchain technology in Minecraft,  Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney has announced that he will not be adopting the same strategy for the company’s online store.

Such news broke after a Twitter user asked Sweeney to follow suit and delete the multiple NFT-powered games on the Epic Games Store. 

Putting any doubts to rest, Sweeney replied by saying: “Developers should be free to decide how to build their games, and you are free to decide whether to play them. I believe stores and operating system makers shouldn’t interfere by forcing their views onto others. We definitely won’t”.

In retrospect, such a stance from the Fortnite creators doesn’t surprise, as many more NFT-powered games are set to join its 194+ million user game marketplace later this year. In addition, the firm also recently raised another $2 billion (at a $3.5 billion valuation), which, according to the company’s own words,  will be used to help ‘build the metaverse.’ Despite such financial backing, Epic Games has yet to build its own blockchain-incorporating game.



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