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ENS Domain Name ‘000.eth’ Sells For 300 ETH Amid Bear Market

An Ethereum Name Service domain name which reads 000.eth has sold for 300 ETH, making it the second most valuable ENS domain name of all time.

After April’s hype surrounding Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domain names seemed to have died down, a domain name that reads ‘000.eth’ has sold for 300 ETH ($320,000), making it the second most-valuable asset of its type. 

The buyer, who remains anonymous, will now not only no longer have to endure a rather soulless 42-character hexadecimal address as their ENS domain name, but they may also be able to gain access to the exclusive ‘10kclub’ discord server, which only grants access to those who own an ENS domain name which solely includes a number from 0-9999 (however this may be a complicated matter given 0000.eth, 00000.eth, and 000000.eth also exist).  

The only ENS domain name to trump the price tag of ‘000.eth’ is ‘paradigm.eth,’ which sold for 420 ETH back in October 2021 (which equated to around $1.5 million at the time). That being said, 000.eth’s purchase has been made within much more ‘bear’ market conditions, which, in a sense, makes it more impressive. 



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