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Dooplicators Rarities Revealed

Dooplicator by Doodles is somewhat of a mystery. No one is quite sure what they are or what they will do. Recently, Dooplicators rarities were revealed, this brings us one step closer to knowing.

On May 6th, Doodles revealed its free-to-claim Dooplicator NFT project, calling it “a functional piece of doodle machinery with extraordinary powers”. All Doodle holders were able to claim a Dooplicator up until June 21st, 2022, which has just passed. What does a Dooplicator do? Details are sparse and no one knows yet. Despite this, Dooplicators currently sits at a very healthy floor price of 2.39 ETH. After watching the Doodles 2 trailer, we can speculate that the Dooplicators are going to have something to do with the second collection. 

Other ‘blue chip’ NFT behemoths such as BAYC and Azuki have launched second and third-generation collections to provide a more affordable entry point into their ecosystems. Perhaps Duplicators will act as something similar for the Doodles ecosystem? Your guess is as good as mine and only time will tell. This theory would make sense as Doodles are currently priced at a floor of 12.9 ETH. Until further details are released.

So what do we know now? Well, it’s just been announced that Dooplicators rarities have been revealed on OpenSea. Does this provide us with any more information and insight? No, not really. It has just left some holders happy that they’ve bagged a rare one, and others gutted as theirs shows “very common”. All Dooplicators appear the same aesthetically, so the only thing differentiating one from the other is the rarity. Only time will tell what this truly means. 

There has been some backlash from the community. Many holders are unhappy with this stunt as it makes no sense at present. A common theme throughout comments appears to surround the idea that Doodles could have worded the rankings better. Instead of “very common, common, rare”, more creative and less harsh language could have been used to those who did not get a rare. 

If you have been following NFT NYC news or you have read my previous article, then you’d know that Doodles have big things in the pipeline. Although there has been a mixed reaction to the rarity reveal, the overall consensus around the project still feels positive. We’re all eagerly awaiting what is to come for Doodles and what role Dooplicators will play in their future. I’m sure Doodles will answer all of our questions in good time.


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