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Mint Details

Mint Date 

June 14, 6:00 PM EST  Private Sale

June 14, 10:00 PM EST  Private Sale Ends

June 14, 10:30 PM EST  Public Sale Begins



Mint Price 

0.069 ETH (WL)
0.077 ETH (Public)

Mint Limit

1 for Frenlist (WL) 
2 for Good Frens (OG)

What is DeFi Frens?

DeFi Frens is a collection of 5,555 fully animated 3D DeFi Frens which have a claylike aesthetic quality and style about them. All 5,555 NFTs will be fully animated and walking, similar to what we’ve seen with other collections like Invisible Friends and L.O. Community. 

Story / Background 

“DeFi Frens was conceptualized in 2021 when a group of IRL + internet frens were united by our love and excitement for DeFi, NFTs and web3.

Realizing our experience was not uncommon, we set to build a community that celebrates our shared passion for the space. Every member of our community has formed some sort of frenship through DeFi and the world that surrounds it. We are, quite literally, DeFi Frens.

In the spirit of DeFi, we aim to build our foundations in trust, transparency and community-based decision making. As a result, everything that we create will truly be a product of us as frens.

We are excited to welcome our 5,555 frens to the world. They are ready to embark on a journey into the metaverse and beyond.”    [Source: DeFi Frens Team]


Utility + Roadmap

Phase 0: November 2021 – January 2022

Prototyped, brainstormed, and built the foundation for DeFi Frens.

Phase 1: February 2022 – April 2022

Onboarded 5 new team members, launched their website, and began community building on Discord.

Phase 2: May 2022

DeFi Frens will be ready to mint and they will be unique, animated, metaverse and AR compatible, and ready to take on many forms.

Phase 3: May 2022 – Onwards

Launch an exclusive free apparel/merch drop for a randomized segment of NFT holders after the reveal. Continue to build the community and make decisions together. Some of the ideas they have are listed below, and it is subject to change:

  • Toys
  • Accessories
  • Statues
  • Merchandise
  • Events/Meetups
  • Art
  • Holder Giveaways
  • Community Board
  • Source Files
  • Holders allowlists
  • Film


The DeFi Frens team is only partially doxxed and the information that is publicly available at this time is their first names, their respective roles, and their Twitter profile links. Judging from their Twitter profile pages, this will be the first NFT project that they will be spearheading.

Ibrahim, Business Dev and Blockchain/Web Dev

Sam, Project Management and Web/Graphic Design

Jin, Community Lead and Web2/3 Dev

Champu Chinito, Lead 3D Artist 

Darren, Creative/Marketing Lead and Discord DJ


The DeFi Frens team have been extremely selective regarding who they choose to collaborate with as there have been very few projects and partnerships that have been announced. This is likely due to their marketing approach as they are strategically trying to build out a strong community, instead of one that is full of whitelist entrants who would be more likely to trade for a quick profit. Some of the collaborations currently include Karafuru and A.N.I.M.O.

Marketing / Community

The DeFi Frens team’s marketing efforts have been mostly organic. Their Twitter posts are gaining more engagement and traction, and the NFT community is largely excited for its launch.

The team currently has more than 64.2k followers on Twitter, and slightly more than 15.8k members in their Discord server which isn’t the highest of numbers. This is due to the fact that there have been very few cross-marketing and whitelist giveaways done with other NFT projects as part of their marketing strategy.

Instead of using the more popular engagement farming techniques, DeFi Frends has been gaining most of their traction through the release of many sneak peeks, IRL meet up events, community karaoke nights, in-house giveaways, AMAs, art contests, and other community based events which has been quite refreshing to see.  

How to get on WL

The only way to mint a DeFi Fren NFT will be to get a “frenlist” role in their Discord server.

Frenlist is the equivalent of an allowlist will will give members the opportunity to pre-register their wallet address which will guarantee 1 mint. It is obtained by genuine participation in the DeFi Frens community, and through a variety of different initiatives and collaborations.


Bullish case

DeFi Frens has one of the strongest and most organic communities amongst the NFT projects that are still yet to launch. The amount of organic engagement this project has been able to generate has been impressive, and they have been releasing some of the best and most engaging sneak peeks compared to the other up and coming NFT projects in this space. 


Projects on the Ethereum Network have been experiencing difficulties during their mint phase due to the overall negative sentiment and FUD that is surrounding the NFT space at the time of writing. Important details (such as the price for minting a DeFi Frens NFT) are still yet to be announced and it may make a big difference in the success and the overall future of this project.

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