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Mint Details

Mint Date 

July 17, 2022



Mint Price 

WL: 0.2 ETH

BapesClan Gen 1: 0.15 ETH

BGK: 0.177 ETH


What is CubeX?

CubeX is hoping to stroll into the walking meta alongside the likes of Invisible Friends and Imaginary Ones. Each CubeX NFT will consist of a walking, 3D animated avatar, made up of thousands of cubes. Characters will feature a variety of traits including clothing, hats, weapons and accessories such as a musical instrument or a paintbrush to name a few. The team plans to launch into The Metaverse during phase 3 of its roadmap with CubeWorld. Built within Minecraft, CubeWorld will be a place where holders can hang out, play minigames and compete for the project’s currency, $WRLD tokens. CubeX is definitely a project to keep on the radar as they have amassed more than 204.6k followers on Twitter, and there is a lot of momentum and hype that the team has been building up for months.


The CubeX team has definitely not held back with their roadmap, laying out an 8 phase plan.


Phase 1 

CubeWorld Beta – Preview of the project’s Metaverse experience. Beta is scheduled to launch on May 26th

Phase 2

Mint – 7,777 tokens doubling as personal avatars and playable characters in the Metaverse.


Phase 3

CubeWorld Official Launch – CubeWorld will consist of 3 minigames: Bedwars, Skywars and Laser Tag providing the opportunity to earn $WRLD tokens. 


Phase 4

Hubbl Beta – Decentralised social media platform for NFT and Crypto enthusiasts. This platform will include a number of features that will benefit the community.


Phase 5

Cube Store Launch – Digital storefront where in game skins, accessories and upgrades can be purchased. Token holders will receive additional benefits such as exclusive items. $CUBE coin will be the currency used in the Cube Store. 


Phase 6

Added game modes – New mini games will be integrated into The Metaverse as well as full length games. This will allow players more ways to earn $WRLD and $CUBE tokens.


Phase 7

Hubbl Application Launch – Launching the Hubbl platform onto Apple and Android storefronts. Holders will get access to in app benefits that non holders will have to purchase separately. App features at launch will be:

  • Wallet connect to log in
  • Web3 user profile showcasing your NFT collection
  • Home page to upload messages and stories
  • Connect with other Web3 users based on specific niches
  • Top trending projects and news updates
  • In app “Alpha” group chats
  • NFT market analysis
  • Gas tracker
  • Hot upcoming drops
  • Check NFT rarities


Phase 8

Land Sale and Staking – Public land sale within CubeWorld, however, NFT holders will be airdropped their own plot of land based on the rarity of token held. The rarer the token, the closer to the community square. Land can be staked to earn $CUBE for the Cube Store. 



CubeX is the brainchild of 777 Studio, a team of skilled individuals who have combined to make this project into a reality.

Co-Founder – John Hannibal

Other than being a NFT enthusiast, John is also a musician with tunes on Spotify. John has 21.5K followers on Twitter.

Co-Founder – Che Bell 

Alongside John, Che is the brains behind CubeX. Little is known about him outside of this. He currently has 18.5K followers on Twitter.

Core Team – Wesley

Wesley is part of the core team for CubeX. He is a Cinema 4D artist and plays a key role in the art and animation of each avatar.

Core Team – Silas

Head of marketing for the team, Silas is responsible for creating hype for the project. He is a collector of NFTs and Pokemon cards.

Gaming Development – Jimmy

Jimmy has previous experience with Web3 as founder of Meta Market. He also owns OPLegends, a Minecraft network which has clearly influenced the design of CubeWorld.Jimmy leads the game design for CubeX.

Gaming Development – Robert

Robert doesn’t have any social links available however he is the Managing Director of LeadPro, a business that specializes in building Metaverses within Minecraft.

Gaming Development – David

David doesn’t have any social links available however he is the Founder of LeadPro, a business that specializes in building Metaverses within Minecraft.

App Development Lead – Mussayab

Unfortunately, there is no information on the background of Mussayab nor are any social links available. 

Advisor – Sibel 

Unfortunately, there is no information on the background of Sibel nor are any social links available.

Advisor – Orangie 

Orangie is a blue tick, Twitter verified, Crypto investor and enthusiast. He has a superb collection of NFTs and is advising the team at CubeX.

Advisor – DoubleQ

DoubleQ is an expert in the space who writes analysis and daily NFT updates. Alongside CubeX, he also works as an advisor for MoonLanderz.

Advisor – Kevin Sustano 

With 251.2K followers and a blue tick, Kevin is an influential figure in the space. A self confessed Web3 huster and owner of Cyberkongz #589, he is on the team of advisors for CubeX.

Advisor – Milliam

A gamer, Youtuber and Twitch Streamer who can also create and animate 3D assets. Milliam brings a wealth of skill and experience to the project.

Advisor – Clawd

Unfortunately, there is no information on the background of Clawd nor are any social links available.

Collab Manager – Natasha

Responsible for collabs, Natasha is into Real Estate, Stocks, Crypto and NFTs. She also works on the outreach teams for Squishy Squad and BentoBoi.

Collab Manager – Leon

Alongside Natasha, Leon is collab manager for CubeX as well as community manager for the Syfy series, Helix’s Twitter account and luxury streetwear NFT project, Retrovert.

Collab Manager – Harvey

Unfortunately, there is no information on the background of Harvey and their Twitter account is private.


Bullish case

CubeX appears to tick all the boxes when examining a project. The art is unique and slick, the community is large and hyped while the team is passionate and consists of genuine experts in their respective roles. The project is also backed by advisors who have clout in the space. The Roadmap is detailed and thorough with a clear intention to make a genuine difference in the NFT space. With a feature-packed mobile phone app that sounds perfect for degens alongside a fully functional Metaverse that is due to launch its beta, it’s fair to say that CubeX isn’t messing about. If it can hit the spot with an attractive mint price (depending on the market conditions), then we could be witnessing the beginnings of a very successful project.



Concerns for CubeX are almost non-existent. While mint price has yet to be set, the team revealed that they have toyed with the idea of a free mint for Whitelist holders and still haven’t ruled it out. Although funding is of course necessary for a project with this much ambition, the fact that a free mint is even being considered suggests that getting a large community involved from the start is just as important. The biggest issue that could act as a roadblock for CubeX, is the current bear market we’re in, which unfortunately is outside of the team’s control. 

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