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Mint Details

Mint Date 

July 25



Mint Price 

Pledge mint: 29th June for 350 USDC. Up to 3 tokens per wallet.

WL mint: 300 USDC. 

Public mint: 350 USDC.

What is Crypto Maze?

CryptoMaze is an upcoming, on-chain, P2E mobile game looking to enter the mass market with AAA quality game design. It promises to be a fun filled, action packed, massive multiplayer online game, where players will fight against each other with their in game NFTs, the Cryptomights. The universe looks to provide social mechanics and due to being on Web3, gamers will own all purchased or earned assets. 

The genesis collection of Cryptomights will consist of 3,333 NFTs, with 140 unique traits. Cryptomights can be upgraded over time and ascended. The project is initially working on a pledge basis, where anyone can pledge 350 USDC per token, for up to 3 NFTs which will be airdropped after mint. There are a total of 1,500 tokens available to pledge. WL and public mint will follow at a yet to be announced date. The game is relatively hyped with 95.9K Twitter followers and 14,834 Discord members. It has also featured on numerous YouTube channels including the likes of Champs.

1) Crypto Maze – AAA MMO mobile game



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As an ongoing on-chain, mobile game, CryptoMaze has a long term view with a 15 step roadmap.

  1. Launch of 3,333 legendary Cryptomights. Pledge and WL
  2. Prototype open world where you can try out your new 3D hero
  3. Trailer for the game and a huge airdrop event
  4. Public Sale
  5. Key strategic investors and partners
  6. Launchpads and pools
  7. Token launch – two-token model and staking rewards
  8. DAO creation
  9. Private Alpha launch of the game
  10. Version 1 of the in game marketplace
  11. Land Sale
  12. Private Beta launch of the game
  13. Scaling up the marketing
  14. Official launch of CryptoMaze
  15. Huge prizes for players and an animated series


CryptoMaze consists of a partially doxxed team full of engineers, game devs, marketing specialists, artists, security experts and corporate entities to finance the project. Of them all, the project has highlighted the following as the core.


Co-Founder and Game Director – Nedi

Nedi Rangelov is a Bulgarian based mobile app, and game designer. He has worked for numerous studios dating back to 2014, before starting his own studio, Nedi Games in 2018.


Art Director and Game Developer – Mattias

Mattias Holmstrom is a Swedish developer and CEO of NordicForge3D. Alongside his role at CryptoMaze, he also freelances for studios such as PLP Games and Battleforged.


Co-Founder and Back End Engineer – Dimitar

Dimitar Apostolov is a full stack web developer at His skill set provides him the opportunity to work with numerous organizations, leading to him becoming the co-founder of CryptoMaze


Co-Founder and CEO – ArchangelX  

Unfortunately, there is limited information on ArchangelX other than him having a background in building games and social apps in Web3.


Concept Artist – Andre

Andre is a portuguese based artist who seemingly has a passion for the gaming space. His portfolio can be viewed on Artstation.



Bullish case

The early signs point to CryptoMaze being an exciting P2E, crypto game. The hype it has garnered despite how far we are from launch is encouraging, and as the mobile gaming space is now larger than the console and PC space combined, so there is definitely a market for it. The team has impressive experience in game design, and with CryptoMaze being built on the excellent Unity Engine, it certainly has the toolset to match its ambitions. 

The community certainly seems bullish on the game, and various influencers have a positive outlook towards it. It also has decent collaborations under its belt, with the likes of Llama Verse. We’ve seen the P2E space grow rapidly since Axie Infinity hit the scene, and with the gaming industry being the biggest on the planet, we could be onto a winner with CryptoMaze if it can follow up on the promises it has made. 


Whilst it’s true that the gaming industry is now recognised as the largest across the globe, we’ve only seen a small percentage of crypto based games succeed. There’s millions, if not billions of mobile gamers out there to be targeted, but the majority either aren’t aware of P2E, on-chain games, or they simply don’t care. Therefore, CryptoMaze has an uphill battle if it is to fulfill its goal of becoming a mainstream hit. A Lot of this will be dependent on fun gameplay 

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