Cristiano Ronaldo Drops NFT Collection

November 17, 2022

Cristiano Ronaldo is dropping a CR7 NFT collection on Binance on Friday, Nov 18.
The NFTs represent iconic moments from Ronaldo’s playing career. It will feature 6,645 NFTs across four different rarity tiers:

  • 5 Super Super Rare NFTs: English auction with a starting price of 10,000 BUSD (Binance’s stablecoin, equal to $1). Let’s all take a moment to realize how lazy the name of this $10,000 NFT is.
  • 40 Super Rare NFTs: Starting price of 1,700 BUSD.
  • 6,600 Rare and Normal: Can be purchased for 77 BUSD.

The NFTs come with a variety of perks including a message from Ronaldo, autographed merch, access to future drops, etc.

Worst-timed NFT drop in history?

I’m all for introducing NFTs to a broader audience. However, there are a number of reasons this could possibly be the worst-timed NFT drop in history:

  • You may have noticed we’re in a brutal bear market. It was exacerbated only last week by the implosion of FTX. The floor price of almost every major NFT project has been heavily hit. Not exactly the best time to conduct auctions for ‘5 Super Super Rare NFTs’ starting at $10k. Moonbirds, y00ts, VeeFriends, and Cool Cats are all considerably cheaper.

  • The collection is launching on Binance, which has been caught slap-bang in the middle of the FTX drama. Binance isn’t responsible for SBF’s industry-scale fraud, but the context does make an NFT drop seem a little trivial.

  • Cristiano Ronaldo is in the middle of a PR shitstorm. A number of poor performances mean he hasn’t been making the team at Manchester United. To force a transfer, he did an interview with Piers Morgan to bitch about United. Ronaldo has annoyed a lot of United fans, and will receive a £1 million fine from the club for the interview.

  • You might think just before a World Cup is the perfect time for a soccer player’s NFT project. However, the controversies surrounding the Qatar World Cup mean this World Cup just doesn’t have its usual shine.

Regardless, CR7 has an impregnable fan base (especially in Portugal). It wouldn’t be the least surprising if, despite the circumstances, we see this project hitting the back of the net. SIIUUU.

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