Cool Cats Launches A Soccer NFT Collection

November 14, 2022

Just when you thought that the main cats in NFTs couldn’t get any cooler, Cool Cats recently announced that it will be launching a new collection, Cool Cats FC (Football Club)

Cool Cats FC is going to be a product by Cool CatsAera by OneFootball and Animoca Brands. Aera is the official home of the “world’s most exclusive football leagues” and Animoca Brands is a Hong Kong-based game software company and venture capital company. The collection is going to be minting on November 17th 2022 at 5pm EST, so now is the perfect time to learn about it. 

About Cool Cats FC

Cool Cats FC will be a collection of 4,000 NFT tokens. It seeks to bring a new soccer experience, as well as uniting the Cool Cats community and soccer fans around the globe to celebrate the world’s largest soccer event, the world cup. 

How Does It Work?

Those who mint a Cool Cats FC token will be the proud owner of a dynamic NFT, which will represent one of the 32 competing countries in the world cup tournament. When a team wins and advances to further steps of the tournament, so will the NFT that represents that team. Essentially, the Cool Cats FC token will continue to evolve and reflect the team’s progression throughout the tournament, which is a very cool concept.

If your team advances, you will have a chance to qualify for a range of rewards, including game-worn and signed merchandise, once-in-a-lifetime in real life experiences that money cannot buy such as Serie A top teams match tickets (AC Milan, Juventus and Napoli), digital collectables (NFTs from the Cool Cats ecosystem), and more. 

For the grand prize, 5 lucky holders of the championship team will get a once-in-a-lifetime multi-day experience. The prizes consist of meeting one of the world’s best football players in real life, a private tour of San Siro Stadium of AC Milan and the AC Milan museum, meeting the creators of Cool Cats FC and immersing in the world of football and web3, a VIP football match experience at AC Milan, a roundtrip flight and accommodation at a four star hotel in Milan included, and more. 

Additionally, everyone is eligible to participate in community-led events in the Cool Cats FC Discord channel to earn rewards as well, which makes it much more inclusive (just like the world cup should be). 

How Will The Mint Work?

Out of the 4,000 tokens, 1,900 allowlist spots will be reserved for Cool Cats (1,000), Cool Pets (600) and partner projects (300). Then, 400 tokens will be held for rewards and 100 tokens will be for the team. With regards to pricing, the allowlist will pay 0.069 ETH per token on November 17th, and the public mint price will be 0.1 ETH per token on November 19th. 

The gold standard for NFTs has shifted away from a typical profile picture project, and now creators are becoming more innovative. The concept of this project is very creative and it has great potential. Cool Cats FC is going to coincide with the world cup, where millions of fans celebrate the beautiful game. 

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