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TAG Heuer Release NFT Smartwatch

TAG Heuer has launched a new smartwatch that can be synced to crypto wallets in order to display NFTs. It can also be purchased using crypto on the company’s US online store.

Luxury watchmaker TAG Heuer has launched a new smartwatch which allows owners to showcase their NFTs. 

Dubbed the ‘Connected Calibre E4,’ the watch can be synced to MetaMask and Ledger Wallets. From there, owners can display any of their JPEG or GIF-formatted NFTs on its digital interface. After consulting the opinions of blue-chip NFT community members, the company opted for a hexagonal border finish for the on-display NFTs, an aesthetic which mimics that of Twitter’s NFT integration. 

As you’d expect from an all-encompassing smartwatch, personal photos of the owner, as well as pictures curated by TAG Heuer, can also be displayed on the watch.

To add an extra layer of Web3 to the watch, its RRP of $2,000 can be paid for via thirteen different cryptocurrencies (including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dogecoin) thanks to TAG Heuer’s partnership with crypto payments platform Bitpay (however such feature is only available to US-based customers). 


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