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Community Pressure Leads to GameStop NFT Delisting Distasteful NFT

Pressure from its community has forced GameStop’s NFT marketplace to delist a controversial NFT which included references to a falling man from 9/11.

GameStop’s NFT marketplace has decided to delist a controversial NFT after its community was appalled by its distastefulness and lack of copyright permissions. 

The asset in question is entitled ‘Falling Man,’ the namesake of one of the most famous photos taken on 9/11. The NFT and original photo both feature a falling person with one of the Word Trade Centres as its backdrop, but instead of an actual victim of the horrific attack, the NFT uses a 3D model of a Russian flight suit.

After the asset was listed for only one day, community members called for it to be taken down for indecency reasons, as well as the fact that the help infringes on the copyright that the original photographer, Richard Drew, possesses, as well as the copyright of the artist behind the Russian space suit. The platform abided by such demands and even banned the creator from ever minting on the forum. 

Such a decision from the platform indicates the sheer power that communities can create when a belief is unilaterally and unanimously felt. 


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