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July 22, 2022



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0.08 ETH

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What is Citizens of Tajigen?

Citizens of Tajigen is an anime-based NFT project created by a team of five partly doxxed co-founders who have been inspired by novels and movies like 1984, The Matrix, Equilibrium, Inception, V for Vendetta, and Blade Runner. This project is being built in order to grow an authentic digital identity brand for everyone who is passionate about blockchain technology, and the progress it enables. The Citizens of Tajigen team are in the process of creating a passionate community of builders and contributors who will become the future of the Web3 world. 

“Representing yourself digitally as a Citizen of Tajigen says much about you and your beliefs. It is a knowing look, a tip of the hat, a secret handshake that says: we’re here to build the best future possible.” – Citizens of Tajigen 

Story / Background 

The year is 2025. 

The world’s governments and largest financial institutions pass legislation outlawing cryptocurrencies. A coalition of monopolistic ISPs establishes a new internet protocol, requiring the centralization of all web services. Building on the blockchain is illegal.

The population is microchipped. All monetary transactions occur in fiat. These conditions enable the banks to exert maximum control over our economies and lives. Any non-compliant persons are targeted for arrest and re-education.

Against this stands the Citizens of Tajigen.

The Citizens of Tajigen are an underground network of anonymous netrunners: artists, athletes, hackers, scientists, and soldiers, who work to fulfill a common goal: to bring back decentralization and free the people trapped in the new world order.”  

[Source: Tajigen Storyline from official website]


  • Tajigen’s Private Discord Channel Access.
  • Opportunity to directly assist with shaping the Tajigen storyline.
  • Access to future collections and drops.
  • Access to future Tajigen related products and original IP and utility-based products.
  • Access to The Shelter, a globally connected underground network. A place where we learn, plan, collaborate, and build to progress the future of web3 and DeFi.
  • A community incubator and equity-free grants program shall be launched to back eligible teams & projects being built in The Shelter. Two tracks are being explored: Tajigen related projects and original IP & utility-based projects.
  • Via network partners, the Citizen of Tajigen NFT will act as an access pass to a curated list of tools, resources, and communities that supplement your digital identity and lifestyle.
  • Tajigen gearsmiths create unique gear in the metaverse, and that’s not just apparel. Citizens will be able to equip themselves with real-world items that enable and amplify the Tajigen lifestyle.
  • IRL Shelter experience.



Citizens of Tajigen have not released a public roadmap, but their concept map can be found in their website. They argue that a roadmap is a web2 tool that is not suitable for web3. The following information is from their concept map which is an outline of the team’s overall vision and the direction they are planning to take:

The Shelter: Being a Citizen of Tajigen provides access to The Shelter, a globally connected underground network. A place where one can learn, plan, collaborate and build, to progress the future of web3 and DeFi.

A story-driven experience: The Tajigen story will unfold over time – with its community squarely at the helm. Experiential mechanisms shall give holders steering power over major story points that influence the overall arc.

A platform for builders: A community incubator and equity-free grants program shall be launched to back eligible teams & projects being built in The Shelter. Two tracks are being explored: Tajigen related projects and original IP & utility-based projects.

Access pass: Via network partners, Citizen of Tajigen NFTs will act as an access pass to a curated list of tools, resources, and communities that can supplement one’s digital identity and lifestyle.

Future drops: When the time is right the Citizens of Tajigen ecosystem will be expanded with further drops for its holders. Drops will play a role in fulfilling the Tajigen brand & storytelling objectives, as well as expanding its reach and accessibility.

Story-driven tech innovation: The Tajigen ecosystem will be fused together through technical innovation that ties into its brand & the story of the Citizens of Tajigen. 

“TLDR: Build a brand on the blockchain. Tell a story. Ship cool shit. Do the unexpected. Make a difference. And do it all with you, the community.”



The team behind The Citizens of Tajigen is partly doxxed at this time and their information is mostly available on their Twitter profile links and their individual roles as provided below for reference: 


Nao Co-Founder & Artist

Published manga artist & illustrator from Japan.

Graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.


Dith – Co-Founder & Strategist

Former funded startup founder, now running partnerships at a large fintech.

Gets shit done.


VladTheRuler – Co-Founder & Operator

COO at one of Europe’s leading legal tech companies.

Austrian accent, almost as good as Arnold’s.


Rob (Robert Allam) – Co-Founder & Partnerships

Former media growth hacker (Unilad, BoredPanda) & digital community strategist (Shopify, Reddit). Now a web3 ‘techno-viking’.

Forbes Article


WKM – Co-Founder & Dev

Former senior full-stack developer and technical team leader @ Square. He has written & shipped code for products used by millions of users worldwide. Previously a SaaS indie hacker. 


Official partners with @floornfts, the pocket NFT buddy, built by @chrismaddern, @doodlesdeso, and their team.

Latest AMA and Update

90 minutes Twitter Spaces of announcement through Floor NFT with a lot of information about Citizens of Tajigen: 

Marketing / Community

The Citizens of Tajigen team aims to create a community of builders and people who want to contribute to improving the web3 experience. Marketing is being done through strategic partnerships like Floor NFT, collaborations with existing blue chips as well as upcoming projects with high potential through the combination of IRL experiences and Web3 technology.

How to get on WL

Getting on the whitelist for Citizens of Tajigen is fairly standard. Some of the available ways to get on the whitelist are to participate in the public premint raffle, enter collab giveaways, or be handpicked based on value creation & community contribution, including but not limited to art creation, lore contribution & creation as well as community participation & meaningful interaction.


Bullish case

Citizens of Tajigen have a well-developed storyline in addition to plans that will help them stand out from the plethora of other NFT projects which are essentially mere copies of each other. The team has shown a knack for marketing, and they have amassed more than 119.7k followers on Twitter and 60.5k members on their Discord server. They have also shown that they are not afraid to try new things, one of which is their teaser video which showcases parkour, and it has garnered quite a bit of engagement on Twitter.


When looking at the roadmap and utility behind the Citizens of Tajigen project, it seems there is still a lot of development work that needs to be done, and this project is more of a mid to long-term play. For example, the team will need to prepare their IP patents using the funds they are able to procure from their mint phase. Last but not least, it is unclear what the curated tools and list of resources will be available for Citizens of Tajigen holders at this time, and there have been many new players entering the highly competitive alpha tool space including FLIPPR, NFTHUD, and NFTEYE to name a few. Currently, on their Discord server, there is a “Supplies” channel where they will be posting hand-curated tools for the Tajigen community, but so far only whitelist raffles opportunities have been offered, and no trading tools exist as of yet. 

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