Christie’s Launches its Own Web3 Art Investment Fund 

After hosting multiple high-end NFT auctions, Christie’s auction house has now launched its own investment fund for developing areas of Web3 art.

After becoming a notorious name in the high-end NFT and non-NFT art auctioning space, British auction house Christie’s is now launching its own in-house investment fund for supporting Web3-centric art firms. 

With the goal of enabling ‘seamless consumption of art,’ ‘Christie’s Ventures’ will support firms within the realms of ‘art-related financial products and solutions,’ as well as firms working with technologies that are related to art and luxury goods. From here, the fund hopes to contribute to finding solutions for art marketing problems within areas of business constraints, client experience, and growth, as well as solutions involving authenticity disputes and tracking art owners more efficiently.

With several millions of pounds expected to be funneled to multiple startups in the coming months, the fund’s first investment is said to be LayerZero Labs, a company that’s developing solutions for omni-chain decentralised apps.



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