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Champagne Bottle With Bored Ape NFT Sells for $2.5 Million

A bottle of Champagne which comes with 5 NFTs (including a Bored Ape) has sold for $2.5 million. The owners must burn a governing NFT in order to actually receive the bottle.

A 2017 bottle of Champagne which came with 5 NFTs has sold for $2.5 million, making it the most expensive wine sale of all time. The dual asset was purchased in dollars at a private sale by Italian brothers Giovanni and Piero Buono, despite originally being listed on OpenSea for 2500 ETH.

The bottle is entitled u2018Magnum 2.5,u2019 and was produced by Champagne Avenue Foch. Its outer glass body is embroiled with Swarovski crystals, as well as images of 5 NFTs which had each been designed by coveted digital artist Mig. Such images include NFTs from the likes of the Bored Ape Yacht Club and Sneaky Vampire Syndicates collections.

In making the purchase, the brothers not only receive a bottle of high-end bubbly with an even more illustrious glass bottle, but they also receive the 5 NFTs attached to it, including the 99 ETH floor-priced Bored Ape. That being said, to receive the physical bottle, the brothers must first burn the all-encompassing NFT which governs the 6 separate assets. With such premise in mind, it is likely that the NFT will be traded at least once more before the bubbly is finally consumed.


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