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Catalonia to Launch a ‘Cataverse’ Metaverse to Transform Barcelona Into a Tech Hub

A Catalonian minister has stated the region’s intent to make Barcelona a hub for digital and tech jobs. To do so, the region is planning to build its own ‘Cataverse’ metaverse.

As more and more regions begin planning their own Web3 strategies, now is the time for Catalonia, the Spanish region which plays host to one of the vibrant cities in Europe, Barcelona. Such news came through the region’s innovation minister Daniel Macro, who spoke at the ongoing European Blockchain Convention (EBC) 2022 which is being held in Barcelona. 

As per the words of Macro, Catalonian politicians (who possess a degree of self-governance over the region as opposed to the Spanish government controlling it all) hope to eventually transform Barcelona into a digital hub for various Web3-instilled tech jobs. 

To do so, the endeavor will be embodied in a fully digital economy that will reside within an all-encompassing Catalonia-inspired metaverse called ‘Cataverse’. Whilst not being able to comment on the specifics of such an ecosystem yet, Macro alluded to areas of personal health and public transport as areas of Catalonian society which may receive a blockchain-infused enhancement. 

Although still in the primitive stages of the project, Macro has already pointed out that its success will highly depend upon the policies that officials make when it comes to luring relevant Web3-focused talent to move to the region. Macro stated that policies to attract talent from universities are already in place, with policies to attract a broader range of talent to be implemented in the future, such as boot camps for various skills.



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