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Buzz Aldrin to Auction Space-Flown Objects With Accompanying NFT Verifications

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin is auctioning items from many of his space journeys. Two assets, a broken circuit breaker switch board and felt tip pen, will come with NFTs to verify their space-flown status.

Buzz Aldrin, the acclaimed partner of Neil Armstrong in NASA’s Apollo 11 mission back in 1969, is auctioning off a collection of his personal space mementos called ‘Buzz Aldrin: American Icon’

Amongst the collection of high-value flight jackets, space-flown artifacts, personal items, and other objects from Aldrin’s private collection are a broken circuit breaker switch and a felt tip pen. Although bland on the surface, the story behind such items is that Aldrin had to use the pen to ignite the engine when re-taking off from the moon after the circuit breaker switch had broken.

Both items will be up for auction and come with MIRAImage NFTs. Such digital assets will essentially serve as unique digital identifiers linked to the physical objects through the use of novel microscopic 3D scanning technology. 

They’ll be minted by MIRA on the Ethereum blockchain. In doing so, their micron-level details and the object’s metadata and provenance information will be recorded for future proof of authenticity.

The use of NFT technology is pivotal in this circumstance because the value of space-flown artifacts is bound by whether they verifiably come from the hands of an astronaut. With its inclusion, the asset is expected to generate a winning bid that lies between $1-2 million.

The auction will take place in New York on July 26th, as part of Sotheby’s Geek Week.


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