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Boredjobs- The New Platform For Renting-Out Blue Chip NFTs

A new platform called Boredjobs has launched. It allows Bored Ape users to rent out their Bored Ape NFT and its surrounding IP to brands.

As part of the NFT journey towards mass adoption and widely applicable functionalities, a new platform that allows Bored Ape holders to rent out their coveted NFTs have been launched. 

Coined ‘Boredjobs’ and developed by blockchain accelerator Mouse Belt, the platform enables brands to ‘hire’ Bored Ape NFTs in order to take advantage of the lucrative IP ownership rights that are attached to the assets. From here, and as people such as Seth Green (who is making a TV show based upon a Bored Ape NFT protagonist) and Andy Nguyen (who founded the Bored & Hungry physical NFT restaurant) have already showcased, brands can then use the Bored Ape character and its surrounding IP within an array of creative marketing endeavours. 

To keep things transparent and decentralised, the platform simply serves as a place to connect brands with Ape owners, as each deal’s terms and details are entirely decided between the lender and borrower. 

In its first 24 hours of operations (i.e. June 29th), Mouse Belt’s co-founder Patrick McLain said more than 200 applications from BAYC owners wanting to verify their ownership were made. Of course, to leverage the illustrious collection to its fullest, another 9800 applications will have to be made.

In the future, Mouse Belt also hopes to add other blue-chip NFT collections to the platform (despite its ‘bored’ branding), with Mutant Apes, Gutter Cats, and Crypto Punks expected to be added within the next two months.


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