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Bored & Hungry to Continue With Crypto Payments Despite Contradicting Reports

NFT restaurant Bored & Hungry has rubbished the recent reports that suggested it had stopped facilitating crypto payments.

After rather hasty reports from the Los Angeles Times suggested that the world’s first NFT restaurant ‘Bored & Hungry’ was no longer accepting crypto-payments, its relevant Twitter accounts have since rubbished such speculation.

Rumors of the restaurant’s pulling of its crypto plug emerged when a member of the LA Times decided to visit the restaurant on a day on which it was conducting a number of upgrades. Due to technicalities, making such upgrades to the restaurant meant that crypto payments couldn’t be made that day, meaning prices were only displayed in dollars, and the reporter could only pay in fiat. 

The reporter was never made aware of the situation, as the staff member they consulted about the lack of a crypto payment method was also none the wiser. Ultimately, this led to the media outlet reporting that the establishment had abandoned its flagship payment method, with it pointing at the current bear market as the reason behind the decision, as well as the rumors which suggested that crypto was being ignored as a payment method in the first place. 

In reaction to such reports, the restaurant’s official Twitter account has responded to the LA Times by explaining that its lack of a crypto payment option is merely temporary, whilst its owner Andy Nguyen took it upon himself to reinstate the fact that Bored & Hungry will always accept Ethereum and ApeCoin as payment methods. 


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