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In this WGMI Spotlight, we take a deep dive into Blvck Paris' story, team and marketing strategy. We set out our bullish case and our reservations.

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Mint Details

Mint Date 

May 6



Mint Price 

0.2 ETH


BLVCK Paris is a global lifestyle fashion brand founded in 2017 by French designer, Julian O’Hayon. The brand is endorsed and supported by an engaged community with millions of social media followers and customers worldwide. BLVCK is a brand that is already known by many for their ‘All Black’ clothing, accessories and digital goods. BLVCK strives to pioneer an aspirational lifestyle pursuing quality and design for visual content and even merchandise.

BLVCK Paris first opened stores worldwide in Tokyo, Miami, Taipei, Taichung, Hong Kong, and Makau in 2021, and they collaborated with tech giant, CASETiFY. BLVCK also has previous experience introducing three NFT drops on MakersPlace, as well as previous experience hosting their own Metaverse event on Decentraland. 

Story / Background

Blvck Genesis is an NFT collection of 9,999 Blvck avatars living on the Ethereum blockchain. There are hundreds of artistic elements, high fashion traits, and monochrome aesthetics for each individual avatar which is crafted by French designer and founder of BLVCK, Julian O’Hayon. The exact storyline behind the BLVCK Genesis avatars and their metaverse is still under development and is yet to be revealed.


A Blvck Genesis NFT grants holders access to exclusive events, limited products and rewards. Some of these rewards include access to various phygitals, fashion merchandise, and exclusive events. More details are provided in the BLVCK Paris Genesis Official Roadmap below. 


BLVCK’s prominent founder, Julian O’Hayon is fully doxxed and his social media profile links are included below. The rest of the BLVCK team have only their first names and individual roles listed on the official NFT BLVCK website, but there are currently no clickable links or Linkedin profiles BLVCK provided at this time. 

JULIAN O’HAYON: Founder & Designer of BLVCK


Every owner of a BLVCK Genesis NFT gains member access to a world of exclusive merch, benefits, airdrops and more. The BLVCK Paris Roadmap can be found on their official website by visiting


  • Major NFT projects collaborations by BLVCKing out avatars. 
  • Partnerships with WEB2 brands with a claim to limited edition physical products to be paired with their avatars for rare BLVCK Genesis NFT holders. 
  • Launch of the first BLVCKverse event in one of the BLVCK stores.


Web3 implementation on Holders will be able to connect their wallet to unlock BLVCK Alpha Membership. 

  • Holders of BLVCK Alpha Membership will get discounts on and in-store, limited edition physical products and fashion collaborations as well as regular airdrops. 
  • First access to WL spots for identified high-potential collections, AMA’s with well-known entrepreneurs, founders and artists of the NFT Space and also from reputable Web2 brands.

 BLVCK VERSE Date: 2023

Mint Process


Date: Friday May 6th
Time: 10am GMT / 6pm Singapore/ 12pm CET  Friday, May 6, 2022 11:00 AM
Price: 0.2 ETH excluding fees 
Duration: 4 hours 
Maximum of 1 NFT per wallet. The first round will be for the ETH wallets that have been Blvcklisted only, it will be open for 4 hours. 
A Blvcklist spot will guarantee you a mint in this round. 


Date: Friday May 6th
Time: 2.15pm GMT / 10.15pm Singapore/ 4.15pm CET Friday, May 6, 2022 3:15 PM
Price: 0.2 ETH excluding fees 
Duration: 2 hours 
People who previously minted 1 NFT in round 1, can buy their second NFT on a first-come-first-serve basis. Winners from the public raffle will also get randomly selected to participate in this round.
If selected to participate in the public raffle, your status will change to Blvcklisted during this phase.


Any remaining NFTs following round 2 will go to the public raffle. Blvck will randomly select winners from the raffle and they will be able to see their status live if they are selected.  

Marketing & Community

BLVCK Paris has been doing an excellent job of marketing their brand and growing their community, thanks to Julian O’Hayon’s decade of experience working as the managing director for creative marketing agency, Anckor, which is based in Brussels. 

For example, the official BLVCK PARIS Discord server for their NFT project grew from zero to 40k followers in less than 24 hours of opening their doors. On Instagram, BLVCK Paris has over 1.2 million followers, and 166k Twitter followers at the time of writing. 

BLVCK Paris has also been involved with many whitelist raffle giveaway collaborations on both Twitter and on Discord with other high profile NFT projects such as Sixth Reseau (another NFT project created by a fashion brand based out of Paris, France), Project PXN, isoroom, Shinsekai, Karafuru, SuperNormal, PhantaBear, and many more. 

In addition to hosting giveaways with other NFT projects, BLVCK Paris has been doing a great job marketing their brand with notable NFT influencers such as @MaisonGhost on Twitter, and hosting various AMAs including a Twitter Spaces event with WGMI Studios. 

Last but not least, BLVCK has been growing their community organically by hosting various events providing entertainment to their community such as their own talent show as well as other gaming events like Smash Karts, Marbles, Draw battles, etc.


BLVCK Paris x Hora Games

BLVCK Paris is collaborating with Hora Games in order to expand their metaverse experience to include NFT playable content. Hora Games is one of the first P2E companies that successfully launched their project on Google Play and App Store in 2019. Hora Games currently has over 700,000 downloads on both Google Play and the Apple App Store, and BLVCKParis expects this partnership to provide a truly unique and a next level experience for BLVCK Paris NFT owners. 

BLVCK Paris x Coinsilium

Blvck Paris is backed by Coinsilium who are a focused Blockchain venture operator based in Gibraltar. In 2015, Coinsilium became the first blockchain company to offer an IPO (initial public offering), and the company is highly regarded as an innovator with proven technological and commercial expertise and development capabilities in both the NFT space as well as with Open Finance. Coinsilium is a highly regarded innovator with proven technological and commercial expertise and development capabilities in both the NFT arena and also within the Open Finance industry.


Bullish Case

BLVCK PARIS has done an excellent job of marketing their brand and NFT project during the last two months. They have participated in countless AMAs, Twitter giveaways, and Discord raffles, and they have shown a knack for generating buzz and hype around their up and coming NFT release. There are more than 167k members on their Discord server (how many of these are bots is unknown), which suggests there should be considerable demand for the 9,999 NFTs on offer.

Reservations (Featuring Mr Fud)

Overall I like this project because it is an established brand with an air of exclusivity to it. That being said I do have some warnings to investors come mint day.

My biggest reservation is the Shinsekai mint day debacle (there is crossover on the team between Shinsekai and Blvck). Thanks to Dylan Shub on the WGMI Twitter AMA, the Blvck team has acknowledged that for transparency they will release WL addresses and confirmed the WL will NOT be overallocated. Sorry, the level of ineptitude shown on Shinsekai mint day was immeasurable and I have no faith it will be any different. My warning is that if you are excited to mint Blvck, pay attention when mint is live ASAP.

Merch/metaverse/marketplace, we have never heard of this before right? There is nothing groundbreaking here. Remember that this is a fashion brand… while successful IRL, it is now moving into the unforgiving NFT space. They will need a strong team that understands NFT trading behavior.

TL/DR from Mr Fud: Not a short term flip, pay attention to the mint execution and be prepared to hold this for a while.

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