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Mint Details

Mint Date 

July 11-13



Mint Price 

WL mint price: 0.04 ETH

Public raffle: 0.05

Public mint: 0.06

What is Bloo Loops?

An upcoming, Ethereum-based animated art project, Bloo Loops will launch with 8100 NFTs consisting of over 200 unique traits. The project is set in the world of Blootopia and created by artist Waitlessmess, who is looking to expand on his original genesis collection, Bloo Guyz. Holders of this original collection will enjoy the benefit of obtaining an OG role in the project’s Discord server, whilst also providing the opportunity to mint up to 3 tokens.

Bloo Loop Moments is another, smaller collection from Waitlessmess, and holders of this collection will also be provided the same access. The intention of Bloo Loops is to grow and expand on the existing community with a lifelong commitment to the project. In regards to the art, it is a very cute style, featuring animated characters who some may consider being quite adorable. The project is reasonably hyped with almost 34.2K Twitter followers and 16.6k Discord members.  


As of now, there are 6 key points laid out for the roadmap, starting with the launch of the project.

  • 8100 Animated Bloo Loops NFTs.
  • Development of the Blootopian brand, lore, community and interactive experience.
  • Exclusive giveaways to holders.
  • Further develop the Bloo Loop Moments collection with priority given to Bloo Loop and OG holders.
  • Animated serum for Bloo Guyz
  • Bloo Loops holders will receive Weekly and/or Monthly Rewards including exclusive access to future Waitlessmess art, merch, allow-lists, and more. Post mint, more details will be announced.



The Bloo Loops team consists of 4 key members.


Founder and Artist – Waitlessmess

Real name Grant, Waitlessmess is a space obsessed digital artist based in Australia. Alongside his Bloo Loops collections, he is working on 3, space inspired, personal NFT projects which are teased on his personal website.


Business Development and Marketing – Astroboy

Further to his role at Bloo Loops, Astroboy is also involved with NFT projects, FOMO MOFOALPACADABRAZ and super hyped, The Possessed.


Strategist and Partnerships – Invisible Jake

Invisible Jake is responsible for developing collabs for the project alongside outlining its strategy. He also works as a moderator.


Developer – Michael Distel

Overseeing the tech side is Michael, an Australian who decided to move his life to Singapore. He has enjoyed a successful career in the tech world which he shares on his website.


Bullish case

The team can look back on two prior projects, and build upon this for the upcoming launch of Bloo Loops. Of the 155 NFTs in the genesis collection, only 17 are listed for sale on OpenSea. Thich indicates that a good percentage of those already in the ecosystem are eager to hold in order to gain WL access for Bloo Loops. We’ve also seen a larger focus on storytelling and lore within the NFT space, so it’s encouraging that Bloo Loops has an already established world with Blootopia and the team has promised to develop this further. 

The artwork is unique and it’s quite possible that plenty of traders will be drawn to the project due to this, especially given the cost-effective price of mint. Lastly,  while not the largest, the community does seem engaged and excited for the 11th of July. 


As we’ve moved into a free mint meta, Bloo Loops has decided to go ahead as a priced collection, although, to be fair, it is extremely low risk. However, with so many free collections flooding the market, Bloo Loops needs to be something special to succeed and outside of the subjectively nice artwork, it can be argued that it’s just another run-of-the-mill project. 

As harsh as it may sound, nothing really stands out in regards to this project, and while we cannot doubt the passion of the team behind it, the nature of the space is evolving and we need to see more value from our investments. It’s possible we’ll see a little pump for Bloo Loops, but don’t expect it to disrupt the established elites in the space.

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