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Binance to Launch ‘Alan Walker Origins’ Music NFT Collection

In partnership with Binance, Norwegian DJ and producer Alan Walker is launching an NFT collection based on the music videos from his upcoming ‘Origins’ album.

Globally acclaimed Norwegian DJ and producer Alan Walker has teamed-up with Binance NFT Marketplace to launch an NFT collection to commemorate his coveted ‘Origins’ album.

Entitled ‘Alan Walker Origins,’ the collection features three NFTs, with each being an eight-second segment from the upcoming music videos from either Fade, Force or Spectre (three songs which feature on the album). Each also comes with the corresponding audio from the respective track. There are 10 available for each song, with each individually priced at 10 BUSD. 

NFT holders will also be able to receive a share of the revenue that is earned from people viewing their respective music video on YouTube.  

The collection’s launch also features a gamified element wherein NFT collectors and Alan Walker fans as a whole can join an ‘Alan Walker Origins’ NFT scavenger hunt. The hunt involves participants collecting different NFT segments from the music videos from the album, to ultimately put together a full music video. 

To become eligible to mint an NFT from the collection on July 18th, collectors must follow the Binance NFT Subscription Mechanism. Find out more about the drop and its process here. 


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