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Biggie Smalls’ Estate Releases NFTs

NFT marketplace, OneOf, has collaborated with the Biggie Smalls estate to put the rap icon on the blockchain.

“Sky’s The Limit,” one of Biggie Smalls’s most famous songs, has been elected to enter the ecosystem of the multi-chain platform as a generative profile picture collection. Each token offers exclusive voting rights over the distribution of a previously unlicensed Notorious B.I.G. freestyle. According to a press release, holders can sample and utilize the freestyle in their own content “with the approval and oversight of the collective and estate.” 

While the release of Biggie Smalls NFTs has garnered media attention, it’s not the estate’s first step into web3. The estate has released ‘The Brook Metaverse,’ “a culture, music, and entertainment metaverse.” The released generative PFPs will grant holders access to the metaverse, allowing users to meet and interact within a virtual environment that is focused on innovation and creativity. 

Wayne Barrow, the estate’s manager, has been working with Voletta Wallace, the mother of the late rapper. While the collaboration between OneOf and the estate is monumental for fans of the iconic rapper, it is a big step for all parties. “Once we closed the deal, I think we all felt this weight. Like wow, we’re doing this with Biggie,” Josh James, OneOf’s co-founder, stated in an interview. “We needed to make sure that we would respect his legacy, and I think we felt a responsibility to do it in the most authentic and real way possible.”

The partnership brings historical music to the people, providing a new way for fans to grow and connect with the late rapper. By providing holders with the option to use the artist’s unreleased freestyle, the estate is shaping the future of the music industry within web3.


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