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Bella Hadid Steps off the Catwalk to Launch ‘CY-B3LLA’ NFT Collection

Supermodel Bella Hadid is launching her own 11,111 asset NFT collection called ‘CY-B3LLA’. Its artwork is inspired by 10 different countries.

American supermodel and pop-culture icon Bella Hadid has momentarily stepped off the catwalk to launch an NFT collection. 

Entitled ‘CY-B3LLA,’ the collection consists of 11,111 unique NFTs that are each based on 3D scans of her face and body.

As per the words of Hadid herself on Twitter, the collection is based on the celebration of high fashion, art, tech, women in Web3, togetherness, culture, and how they all intersect. 

She also went on to say each NFT serves as a passport to a global community built on mutual respect and common interests. They will also unlock special features, rewards, and access to in-person CY-B3LLA events. 

The NFTs have been produced in partnership with NFT minting platform reBASE, and have been inspired by 10 different countries. Such countries and accompanying NFT artworks are set to be revealed between now and September, with the first batch appearing to sport a Japanese-inspired robotic aesthetic.

The release date for the NFTs is also TBA, however fans can register their interest in the project on its website.


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