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Azuki’s digital to physical jacket available to claim as NFT

Earlier this year, Azuki airdropped a token to its holders to redeem a physical jacket in the future. Now, the time has come for holders to start redeeming. Read on to learn more.

Back in May, Azuki airdropped a token to its holders which can be exchanged for a physical “Twin Tigers” jacket. The Twin Tigers jacket prototype made its debut at NFT LA. 


Starting on the 19th of July, Azuki token holders were able to start redeeming the project’s first physical jacket. This jacket is the anime ‘blue chips’ first step into the physical high-end fashion world, ultimately making this even more exciting!     

What Are The Jackets? 

According to the Azuki website, “the Azuki Twin Tigers jacket is the brand’s first apparel drop, reflecting the fighting spirit of Azuki, inspired by ‘Sukajan’ jackets, an iconic fashion piece combining American & Japanese street culture.

The jackets are reversible, talk about two for the price of one! One side is “luxurious quilted blue”, and the other is “red silk”. The blue side has “chainstitch and chenille embroidered tigers” on it and the red side features a “minimalist Azuki logo”. Both sides have an “off-white ribbing and piping” detailing on the sleeves. The jackets were designed in Los Angeles by Azuki’s in-house tailor, Takeda the Tailor. In addition, the artist behind Azuki, Steamboy, contributed to the embroidery style.


How To Redeem A Jacket? 

To redeem a jacket, you must own a “Azuki Twin Tiger Jacket – Blue Side” NFT token. Then, you can exchange the token for a real jacket from July 19th. The exchange window will remain open for 30 days, as it closes on August 18th. Once the token is used to redeem their jacket, the token will flip from blue to red. 


Azuki’s website states that the team estimates that the first jackets will be ready and shipped in early December 2022. It also says  that Takeda is itching to “show you his craftsmanship through other pieces very soon”, hinting at more physical merchandise coming soon. 


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