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‘The Reflection of Love’- The Second of Three NFT Collections From Tomorrowland

Three months after being hacked for hundreds of millions worth of crypto assets, Axie Infinity’s RON-ETH bridge is now back online.

July 15th will see the infamous electronic music festival Tomorrowland launch the second of three NFTs collections to be released this year.

The collection is entitled ‘The Reflection of Love,’ and will intuitively be tied to the festival’s flagship event in Belgium. It will consist of 65000 NFTs which reside on the Solana blockchain, with 5000 being available to purchase on the festival’s website for 3 SOL, and 15000 to be given away onsite. 

Ownership of The Reflection of Love NFT will grant membership to the Tomorrowland community, wherein a range of events and giveaways will take place.

The collection is one of three parts that collectively lead up to the festival’s launch of the Medallion of Memoria, which is basically the special NFT that holders of all three NFTs will receive. Upon achieving such a feat, owners can either keep their Medallion NFT to become part of the ‘most exclusive Tomorrowland membership club,’ or they can alternatively burn it in order to receive a ‘Full Madness’ pass, as well as the option to buy a Dreamville Upgrade and tickets for friends. 

The first NFT edition from Tomorrowland was a winter-themed collection that was launched in March at its Alpe D’Huez event. Details on the third and final installment remain TBA.



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