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Axie Infinity Officially Relaunches its Ronin Bridge

Three months after being hacked for hundreds of millions worth of crypto assets, Axie Infinity’s RON-ETH bridge is now back online

Three months after getting hacked for an estimated amount of $622 million, Axie Infinity’s Ronin Bridge, which connects its Ronin sidechain to the Ethereum mainnet, is now back online. 

Announced by the game yesterday, the bridge’s relaunch now means that users can once again make deposits and withdrawals to and from the Ronin Network.

In order for the relaunch to occur, a ‘hard fork’ had to commence, which essentially meant that all Ronin authenticators had to update their software. Two internal audits of the code also took place, as well as external audits from Verichains and Certik. 

The new installment of the RON-ETH bridge will also come with additional community validators for Ronin (one of which will be operated by Animoca Brands), a ‘circuit breaker’ mechanism that’ll bring human oversight to large-scale transactions, and an overall daily withdrawal limit for the bridge.

As announced a few days ago, the relaunch will also see users who lost ETH in the mass exploit be refunded with 1 ETH per day (until fully refunded).

Read all of the intricacies of the relaunch here


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