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Mint Details

Mint Date 

Public Sale (Stage 1): 05/21/2022 
Whitelisted (Stage 2): 05/22/2022 
Public Sale (Stage 3): 05/22/2022 (Floor of Dutch Auction)



Mint Price 

Fair Dutch Auction starting at 0.3 ETH. Drops 0.05 ETH every 20 min until reaching 0.1 ETH. Refunds will be claimable for 24 hours for those that end up paying more than the lowest price from the D.A.

Mint Limit

1 per wallet

What is Avvenire?

Avvenire is a community-focused 2D pixelated PFP project with a total supply of 5,000 citizens in its collection. They will be using an optimized ERC-721A smart contract. ‘Avvenire’ means Future, and the vision behind the Avvenire team is to build Avvenire City in the Metaverse as a place of beauty, mood, art, and community identity.

Story / Background 

“Based in the near future, Avvenire City is a Utopia where the love for beauty, art, and community are in harmony. As a citizen or property owner, you are part of an exclusive community, with access to airdrops and new offerings. The world of Avvenire City is expanding, and we want you to be part of the Journey.

Avvenire City is built through 5,000 architectural models. Traits will determine their rarity and how they contribute to Avvenire City. Models will be based on various types of commercial real estate in RL such as Retail Shops, Laboratories, Museums, Film Studios, Cafes, Restaurants, MiniGolf, Art Galleries, etc.

Citizens will be minted as a part of a 2D PFP collection. A design/style connection exists between the Models and the Citizens. The style for the PFP Citizens is influenced by the anime art tradition. PFPs will be exclusive and hand-drawn art.

Customization will be possible through our site. Soon after mint, you will be able to exchange the individual traits of your Citizen with other members of Avvenire City. Create your own custom Citizen to suit how you see yourself in the Metaverse.”


Architectural Models and Citizens can be used in the Metaverse. 

  • Avvenire City merchandise will be developed. Citizens may be eligible for merch drops, bringing Avvenire to the physical world. 
  • A native token for Avvenire City will be developed. 
  • All holders of any Avvenire collection will be eligible for airdrops.


Community Education  

The Avvenire project will develop resources for Avvenire City Citizens, so they can learn how to build their 3D environments, learn to interact, sell merchandise, rent their properties, and so on. 


The community phase will allow the community to influence the direction of Avvenire, such as the choice of Metaverse. We will come to decisions based on what may suit Avvenire in the long run and how certain steps in the Metaverse grow the brand of Avvenire.


Scrolling through Avvenire’s Twitter feed, we see plenty of collaborations with other projects in the space. This is a common theme with more or less every upcoming NFT collection these days as it builds trust and grows community through affiliation.  Avvenire appear to have taken a scattergun approach to their collaborations when it comes to the size of each collaborative partner. The range from the 20K follower mark, such as Shinka Origin, through to the more mid sized projects, for example, Chubby Jiras, who currently sit at 85.6K followers. While collabs with larger, more established projects doesn’t guarantee success, it does provide a larger springboard to market to a wider network and generate more hype. We do see this to some degree with fellow anime inspired brand, Anero (184K) and the hyped, free project Yogies (201.8K).  At the very least, it looks as though Cotal has given plenty of thought when working on these partnerships for Avvenire, as we see a general theme of anime inspired projects.


Bullish case

The anime meta is still popular, therefore Annevire is launching into an incredibly sought after category. What is also exciting, is the tradable traits feature that will be introduced after mint – allowing holders to really have creative freedom over how their citizens look. This could be game changing if it leads to a booming marketplace where holders are shopping for new looks on a regular basis. After all, in this day and age, individualism is championed.


It’s hard to feel over excited when looking at Avvenire. It’s true that the anime meta still exists – but with this in mind, it is now oversaturated. Looking at Avvenire, it could be argued that it’s just an average run of the mill project. It wants to be Azuki, but in truth it will likely be another forgettable copycat. The artwork, while serviceable, doesn’t strike the same way as the ‘blue chip’ or other hyped projects in the scene such as Project PXN. Further, the roadmap alongside utility is very barebones from the information available. 

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