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What is Just Ape?

Just Ape is an upcoming NFT project coming to the Solana blockchain. The team has a strong belief in the power of Web3 and its ability to provide a decentralized web of opportunities. With more than 150 members on its Discord server and 158.9K Twitter followers, it’s fair to say that the project has already established a good amount of hype for itself. 

Another project that will be launching with a primate theme, Just Ape will be bringing 10,000 apes to us in the near future. The artwork is clean and quirky while the style leans into a very friendly cartoony vibe, somewhat reminiscent of the cartoon, Curious George. Currently we have seen a variety of sneak peeks and it’s clear that there will be a huge variety of traits on offer including hats, jewelry and clothing, through to complete skin changes such as robotic and wooden apes. 

Just Ape is a 100%, grind free project with WL spots being awarded via giveaways, events and DAO slots and with mint details to be revealed. The community appears to be incredibly strong, Just Ape is shaping up to be another exciting project in the SOL space.


The team at Just Ape has highlighted the importance of connectivity, bridging the gap between the brand on-chain to its off-chain equivalent. With that in mind, there is a good focus on real world benefits for future owners of Just Ape NFTs.

IRL Events

Starting with its very own real world launch event, Just Ape will look to put itself on the map via its own events and NFT focused satellite events. 


High quality apparel is due to release alongside or soon after the project launches.


In order to maximize revenue, Just Ape intends to make merchandise available to the general public via its own showrooms. Holders will still have access to exclusive, non publicly available  merch however.

Just Ape Studios

Just Ape studios will be funded by the project in order to grow and expand the brand. 


The team have also revealed that more benefits will be added at a later date.

Story / Background 

The Just Ape team fundamentally believes in closing the gap between the digital world and reality, hoping to achieve this with the power of Web3. 


Co-Founder – Groovy

Financial technology software engineer by day, Grooovy is co-founder of Just Ape. He is also involved at varying levels with other projects including, The Chimpions and Zaysan Raptors.


Co-Founder – Rabbels

With almost a decade of experience working for Fortune 500 companies, Ape Vigoda brings a wealth of knowledge to the project. As an artist, his primary role is as Creative Director. 


Brand Director – Hyblinxx

Backed by 10 years of experience working in branding and creative marketing, Hyblinxx has worked with brands such as Amazon, Oracle and Target to name a few. Also working as an illustrator for the likes of NFL, Netflix and Amazon. 


Brand Ambassador – Danny

Danny is extremely passionate about the NFT space and is responsible for representing Just Ape during podcasts, interviews and both live and virtual events. Unfortunately, we were unable to find any social links for Danny.


Community Manager – Chained

Responsible for the community, Chained is an NFT collector and self confessed “blockchain wanderer”.


Community Manager – Roninwar

Also keeping the community engaged and looking after giveaways is Roninwar. Based in Hong Kong, they also operate as communication lead for The Chimpions and is a mod for Famous Fox Federation.


Team Member – Lemon

Lemon is a NFT lover and on the team at Just Ape. Outside of this, it is unclear what his responsibilities are in the project. 



Bullish case

Considering all the evidence, it’s clear why Just Ape is a hyped project with potential to go far in this space. With a team full of experts, including individuals who have worked on NFT projects in the past alongside some who have a history doing work for a number of the largest corporations on the planet, Just Ape is clearly in good hands. Furthermore, the community is both large and engaged with the brand. Twitter engagement is often in the thousands while the Discord community is active to the point where it’s almost impossible to keep up with the dialogue. In regards to the art, whilst it’s nothing groundbreaking, it definitely hits the spot in offering something that will appeal to the masses. There are plenty successful projects that fall into the cutesy meta, and this looks as though could be the next to follow.


Little stands out when looking at Just Ape that suggests that we should avoid it at all costs. However, there are a couple of things to highlight when examining the project. Firstly, while its roadmap is serviceable, the promise of events and merch is nothing new these days with plenty of brands offering the same and more. Although this isn’t necessarily a huge issue, Just Ape hasn’t really differentiated itself. An upcoming Just Ape studio does sound good in theory, but unfortunately we know nothing more at this time. Also, looking at the supply, 10,000 NFTs does fall on the larger end of the scale. With such a large supply, it will be interesting to see how the floor holds upon mint, especially in comparison to the recent mammoth 10k drop, DeGods which is sitting at floor of 325 SOL. Jikan Studios, another mega hyped project, is just around the corner so it could be argued that Just Ape may be dwarfed by other projects taking the limelight. Despite this, we still expect the project to do well.


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