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May 25, 2022, 9:30 pm EST



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0.25 ETH

What is Anime Metaverse? 

Anime Metaverse will consist of 5,000 3D anime inspired female avatars. The Metaverse will feature well established characters from anime and manga franchises we know and love. Through strategic partnerships and licensing agreements with these IP’s, the Anime Metaverse team are looking to create a space for all things anime. Putting the community first, the project will be focused on social interaction between members of the metaverse, allowing them to take part in games and events. Anime Metaverse will include vending machines or “gachapon” that will award players with in-game items such as pets, consumables, land and crafting materials alongside real world rewards including Whitelists, free mints, partner projects and anime convention passes. The team at Anime Metaverse are solely focused on delivering the ultimate, decentralized anime haven on Web3.

Story / Background 

The lore of Anime Metaverse begins with Rikka, a young Japanese lady with a passion for architecture. Growing weary of the 21st century world due to war, natural disasters and an ongoing pandemic, Rikka created the Anime Metaverse. Composed of several virtual islands, the metaverse is where the inhabitants known as “Soulmates” reside. Within this digital realm,  Starburst, a power from the stars can be harnessed and when purified by surrounding it with positive energy, it becomes $ANIMA, a precious resource inside the Metaverse. Therefore, Soulmates must interact together and complete activities such as karaoke, going to the mall, visiting exhibitions and even games in the arcades. With enough $ANIMA, Soulmates will then be able to apply for a job allowing an easier route to obtaining items and performing specific tasks within the metaverse.

Anime Metaverse aims to become the leading space for everything anime in Web3 and is being brought to us by a team consisting of highly successful individuals, full of experience inside and out of the NFT space.


There are two levels of utility to the Anime Metaverse ecosystem depending on what NFTs are owned. All holders will benefit from the first tier of utilities, however the second tier known as “Genesis OG Utilities” is available to Genesis OG holders only. These premium tokens are given to handpicked members of the community who have shown evidence that they are looking to participate in the project long term. 

Anime Metaverse NFT utilities 

  • Metaverse Ready 3D Avatars
    All NFTs will come with a metaverse ready, 3D avatar. Future partnerships have been promised with new avatars coming.
  • Soulmates LP Tokens
    Soulmate LP tokens can be assigned to partner projects of Anime Metaverse to receive free Whitelists, mints and tokens. This process has been compared to the Polkadot Parachain Auctions where DOTs are staked towards other projects on the Polkadot Parachains to receive their tokens.
  • The Anime Soulmate Access
    All holders will receive their own Soulmate – granting them access to the metaverse itself, blending anime, fashion and gaming. 
  • Merchandise
    Soulmates can be staked to receive discounts on real world Anime Metaverse merchandise while digital apparel can also be redeemed. Partnerships with fashion brand NFTs have also been teased.
  • Anime Metaverse Land
    Early access to the in-game land when complete, before the public.


Genesis OG utilities

  • Committee Management
    Genesis OG holders will be part of the committee, helping shape the future of the project.
  • Anime Metaverse Fund 
    20% of funds from primary sales will be reinvested into the Anime Metaverse to develop the ecosystem whilst working alongside other projects. $25,000 has also been promised by Amazon Web Services for security and development support.
  • EGG
    An egg will be given to all Genesis OG holders. What’s inside? No one knows.



The Anime Metaverse roadmap is specified in three key areas, short term, medium term and moon shots. While the Metaverse itself is the end game, they estimate that it could take anywhere from 18 to 36 months to get there due to the AAA standard they are striving for. The key areas are as follows: 

  • Short term: Merch, NFTs, collectables, staking
  • Medium term: Anime conventions, global partnerships, investments, collaborations
  • Moon shots: The Anime Metaverse

To achieve these goals, a set of guiding principles has been highlighted:

  • Community First 
  • Culture of collaboration
  • Quality over quantity
  • Embrace Creativity
  • Kindness
  • Speed to market
  • Build for the future



The Anime Metaverse has a real juggernaut of a team behind it. Combining individuals from different industries, the team consists of members that have built and maintained huge levels of success through their own business ventures or within the industry roles they have chosen. Each member of the founding team has their own unique skill set.


Soulmaker: Lily

Coming from a design background, Lily brings half a decade of experience into the project and is responsible for 3D designs, community growth, anime conventions and Metaverse clothing. 


The Soulwielder: Maricel

As a film industry veteran, Maricel is internationally recognised for her work. With her experience in creating worlds and characters throughout her career, she’s been tasked to do the same with Anime Metaverse. She will be leading content writing, editing, storyline, character profiles, character backstories and character development. 


The Developer: Oliver

With two decades of experience in software development and 3D animation, Oliver has worked his way up the ladder in various corporations, including having roles in project management. As the brains behind the Metaverse, Oliver will take care of 3D animation, smart contracts and metaverse interoperability. Unfortunately he does not list any social media accounts in his bio.


The Merchandiser: Peter

Peter brings exceptional experience and a large network with him to the project. Peter is the former President of Burberry in Japan and Korea. Prior to this he ran the Asian headquarters of French Luxury House, Chrisofle and also has Managing Director experience also in Asia for both Cath Kidston and Ermenegildo Zegna. His responsibilities include brand partnerships, merchandise drops, collectibles and corporate sponsorships.


The Soulcatcher: Kendrick 

Kendrick is a serial entrepreneur. Starting his first company at the age of 21 before selling it then starting and selling off a 2nd. He now runs a retail market intelligence company valued at over $100m. He has also worked as a consultant to companies such as Chanel, Adidas, Nike, ASOS and Global Fashion Group. Kendrick has been a crypto enthusiast since 2016 and will take on the tasks of corporate partnerships, tokenomics, NFT collaborations and anime metaverse investments.


The Souleater: Kai

Before becoming an entrepreneur on ETH in 2015, Kai worked as an EMFX trader in Wall Street. Digix, his first company, was the first asset tokenization platform built in Ethereum which had investment from Venture Capital Funds such as Fenbushi and Global Brain Japan. Kai commits his time to researching 3rd generation blockchains, and has been a key investor into Polkadot and Ethereum. For Anime Metaverse he will look after tokenomics and blockchain development.


Outside of the core team, Anime Metaverse are also working with an advisory team including individuals from fashion brand powerhouses such as Debra Langly who is the former president of DKNY and Guilio Xiloyannis, the CCO of Zalora, one of Asia’s leading online fashion retailers.


Anime Metaverse have aligned themselves with some big players in the NFT space such as Project GodjiraShinsekaiImaginary Ones and Lost Eden. Away from other hyped projects, they have also partnered with organizations that live in the space, notably N.Fungible, a company that specializes in licensing fashion brands within the metaverse. N.Fungible was created by the executives of Riot Games, Chanel, Burberry, Digix and Activision Blizzard. While Anime Metaverse doesn’t necessarily have the long list of collaborations that we see with other projects, they’ve chosen wisely with brands that carry plenty of weight and have large communities behind them. In a time with projects failing often and rugpulls aplenty, investors and traders will be more confident to place their bets on a collection that has reputable brands behind it. This is something that Anime Metaverse has successfully achieved.  

Marketing / Community

Unlike many other projects, Anime Metaverse does not have a Twitter feed that is full of thousands of tweets or takes a long time to scroll through. Nor does it have a huge amount of posts farming community engagement – instead, they have focused more on project teases, updates, news and the occasional GIF. On occasion, they do have a game where WL spots can be won. Its engagement is nothing to brag about with likes and retweets reaching the hundreds, rather than the thousands. Despite this, the account currently sits at 161.7k followers. It’s likely that rather than growing their community through social media engagement tactics, they are relying more so on the partnerships they have developed and their collaborations with other well established projects. In addition, the project is relying on the pedigree of the team.

Anime Metaverse’s Discord server has 26,673 members at the time of writing, which can be argued is on the smaller side when compared to its Twitter following. The community does seem engaged and the team have expressed a desire to eliminate grinding. Whitelist or “Pinklist” spots can be earned by providing value to the community, via contests including writing, art and via raffles. 1,000 Pinklist spots have been pre allocated to Venture Capitalist funds which suggests the project does have serious backing. 500 Pinklists have been reserved as rewards for future partnerships. 


Bullish case

If Anime Metaverse can fulfil its promise and begin to successfully onboard legitimate anime brands into the ecosystem, then we could be onto a real winner given the current popularity of anime across the globe. If holders are able to join a Metaverse where they can interact with their favorite characters, then they will no doubt flood to the project. Further to this is the anticipation of what partnerships and collaborations with gaming and fashion the team can secure. Given the alignment with N.Fungible, there’s little reason to believe that the opportunities won’t be impressive. This partnership will also give confidence in the creation of the Metaverse due to the number of game developers involved. This means that Anime Metaverse should have access to plenty of support to ensure the game truly meets a AAA standard. The $25,000 investment from Amazon Web Services should also go a long way to ensure that the ecosystem is safe which will bring peace of mind to the community. 

Last of all but perhaps most importantly, we need to consider the team behind Anime Metaverse. At face value, the team is stacked. However, it remains to be seen if they can translate their Web2 expertise into a successful NFT project. Given the background, finance and network at disposal, it appears as if the team has too much experience and power to fail. 


It does look like Anime Metaverse has the foundations of a successful NFT project. However, there are some things to consider before diving in head first. The drawn out minting process could go one of two ways. Either all tokens are swept up due to a strong initial uptake, or it backfires causing FUD within the community. A result of this could be members not minting and the floor crashing. In this case, the enormous investment amount required to develop a AAA standard Metaverse will not be reached, leaving the team to either abandon ship or dip into their own, very deep pockets to fund and revive it. Currently, on OpenSea there are 254 NFTs listed with 239 owners and a floor price of 1.969 ETH which is solid for the time being. With thousands more due to trickle through over the next month or so, it’ll be interesting to see how this plays out.

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