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CryptoPunks Top 10 Rarest Traits and Recent Sales

Do you ever wonder why certain CryptoPunk NFT tokens sell for a ridiculous price, while others sell for the floor price? Well, It’s usually down to rarity and traits.

If you’re unaware, CryptoPunks are a generative art collection which consists of 10,000 pixelated Punks. Launched in June 2017, the Punks were one of the first ever applications of NFTs for digital art and also profile picture projects. Its high value stems from it being an early project which helped to define the standards of NFTs that we know today, something that can be termed as ‘NFT Archaeology’. For this reason, the collection holds significant historical value, similarly to first edition trading cards. This makes the tokens very expensive.

In the last 30 days, there have been a number of CryptoPunk sales recorded between 70 – 100 ETH ($115,519 – $165,028). Then, occasionally, there have been a few outlier sales recorded at astronomical prices such as 2,500 ETH ($412,570,0), and more recently, 300 ETH ($495,084).

Have you ever wondered why some CryptoPunks are priced at the floor price, and others are valued for millions? It’s because the value of a Punk is typically determined by its attributes. To demonstrate this concept, let’s look at two examples.

On August 1st 2022, CryptoPunk #9286 was sold for 78.99 ETH, which is near the current floor price. This Punk does not possess any ultra rare traits, making it a common. As with anything in life, commons are far less desirable than rares as there are more of them. This Punk’s rarest trait is its pipe accessory, which 3% (317) of the total collection has.

However, on July 12th 2022, CryptoPunk #4464 was sold for an incredible 2,500 ETH. This Punk does possess an ultra rare trait, the ape type, making it a very rare token.

Now that we understand that rare CryptoPunk traits are commanding astronomical purchase prices, let’s take a look at the top 10 rarest CryptoPunk traits.


#1 Alien

The most rare and sought after attribute is the alien type. With only nine (0.09%) in total and currently only three on sale, you’re going to have to pay a hefty premium if you want to acquire one of these out-of-space Punks. The prices of these Punks are the equivalent of what could be used to buy an island, a few mansions or potentially even liberate the world from poverty. The three that are currently on sale are listed for 9,420 ETH ($14.9 million), 15,500 ETH ($25.51 million) and 35,000 ETH ($55.35 million). If you think that no one is buying these, the most recent sale was just five months ago and it cost 8,000 ETH ($12.65 million).

#2 Ape 

Swinging into second place is the ape type. In total, there are 24 (0.24%) ape Punks and currently, four are on sale. While these ones are not quite as expensive as the aliens, they would still put a dent in your pocket. The price ranges from 3,500 ETH ($5.51 million) to 5,470 ETH ($8.62 million). As these are not quite as expensive, they are traded more frequently. In the last month alone, two have been sold for 2,690 ETH ($4.24 million) and 2,500 ETH ($3.94 million).

#3 Beanie 

The third rarest attribute is the beanie. There are 44 (0.44%) Punks who wear the multicolored beanie and there are eight for sale at present. These Punks are much cheaper, with the majority of recent sales being in the 6-figure ballpark range. Saying this, many of the listings have an asking price of 7-figures. Currently, the listings range from 420,69 ETH ($662,640) to 15,000 ETH ($23.63 million).

#4 Choker

Ranking at 4th in rarity is the choker. 48 (0.48%) of the punks wear a choker, although it’s hardly visible. 11 of these are currently listed for sale with a starting price of 135 ETH ($212.640) and the most expensive being 2,500 ETH ($3.94 million). All of the most recent sales are on the lower end of the 6-figure range, meaning that the higher listings are likely overly ambitious.

#5 Pilot Helmet 

Flying into spot number 5 is the pilot helmet attribute. There are 54 (0.54%) of these pilot Punks in total and currently 12 are for sale. The listing prices range from 170 ETH ($267,770) to 1,500 ETH ($2.36 million). Once again, most of the recent sales have been recorded at the lower end of the 6-figure range, making this a slightly more accessible entry point.

#6 Tiara

Dancing into 6th place, is the tiara attribute. 55 (0.55%) Punks have been graced with an elegant tiara and 12 have been put up for sale. Following the trend, the listing price ranges from 176 ETH ($277.220) to 3,220 ETH ($5.08 million). Just like the pilot helmet Punks, the majority of recent sales have all been recorded at the lower end of 6-figures.

#7 Orange Side

The 7th rarest attribute is the orange side. 68 (0.68%) punks are blessed with this lopsided orange haircut and 20 are currently for sale. The cheapest one on the market at present is 114.90 ETH ($180,980) and the most expensive is 1,500 ETH ($2.36 million). Following trend, the majority of the most recent sales are all at the lower end of the 6-figure range. It seems there is a common theme here.

#8 Buck Teeth

Coming in hot in 8th place are the buck teeth Punks (who need to visit the dentist). There are 78 (0.78%) of these unlucky punks in total and 12 of them are for sale at present. The price ranges from 89.95 ETH ($141.680) to 1,500 ETH ($2.36 million). These ones are traded more frequently and the most recent sales are, again, at the lower end of the 6-figure range.

#9 Welding Goggles 

In 9th place, we have the hard working Punks wearing welding goggles. 86 (0.86%) Punks need to protect their eyes and 11 of them are currently for sale. For the first time, there are no listings above 7-figures. The listing price ranges from 115 ETH ($181,140) to 500 ETH ($787,560), making them slightly more affordable. Similarly to previous traits, the majority of the most recent transactions have all been recorded at the lower end of the 6-figure range.

#10 Zombie

Coming back from the dead and walking into 10th place, we have the zombie Punks. There are 88 zombie Punks in total. Currently, five are for sale. Despite there being a higher supply of these in the collection, they are valued at a much higher price than many of the other Punks. Being a sought after attribute, the cheapest zombie on the market is 1,420 ETH ($2.24 million) and the most expensive at present is 3,000 ETH ($4.72 million). All of the recent sales are recorded at 7-figures or more, making this one of the more expensive Punk traits.


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