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A Web3 Project is Providing Superyacht Experiences

YCLUB is a Web3 project which is providing superyacht experiences in the Metaverse and in real life. Here’s what you need to know.

YCLUB is a new project which aims to use Web3 to bring superyacht experiences to people in both the digital and physical world. YCLUB will use many different Web3 tools such as NFTs, De-Fi, and the Metaverse to bring its project to life. Its vision is to bring elements of luxury and affluence to the Web3 space, as so often it’s filled with weird but wonderful degenerate aspects.

To become a part of this ecosystem, its public mint will take place on August 16th at 11 am EST. The collection will consist of 7,000 NFT tokens which will be priced at 0.12 ETH each. Its Whitelist mint consists of three tiers, super rare (1,200 spots for 0.35 ETH each), epic (600 spots for 0.4 ETH each), and legendary (99 spots for 1.5 ETH each). Each different tier comes with different perks, rewards, and experiences.

What Is YCLUB?

For 99% of people, owning a superyacht will never be an option. YCLUB aims to harness the power of NFTs and other aspects of Web3 to create access to fractionalised ownerships of superyachts. By doing this, YCLUB will allow the everyday person to access the luxuries of superyacht experiences and opportunities that usually would have only been reserved for that 1%.

Its ambition is to build a brand with unparalleled luxury and extravagance that doesn’t stop in the real world by using “aligned incentives.” YCLUB claims that it bridges the gap between Web3 and real life by building “the most extravagant NFT project in the world” by offering both digital and physical NFTs. In addition, it claims that it will be a resource “that can help in the cleaning of our oceans and carrying the need for this to larger platforms.”

What Is Its Utility? 

The stated utilities appear as if they will offer huge benefits to token holders. Being a member of YCLUB gives fractional ownership in superyachts built in the Metaverse and real-life rewards to continue the extravagant experiences offline. Additionally, those who can get their hands on the NFT tokens will also get 25% of the mint value back through token airdrops, access to exclusive private events with brand partnerships, up to 20% off for a second mint, a revenue share in the YCLUB marketplace and priority for future launches.

The Tokenomics

Alongside the NFT token, YCLUB will launch a native currency coin called The Superyacht Coin ($SYC). The initial release will consist of 13,100,000 coins, allowing members to purchase and trade in the YCLUB Metaverse and marketplace. Just like any other crypto-based token, it will feature on Uniswap. A full breakdown of the tokenomics allocation and distribution can be found here. 


Will It Work?

Unfortunately, I can’t give you a definite answer. We have seen many projects promise a type of “revenue share” utility, only to be met with failure. It’s a big project with a big promise, and the plans are difficult to execute. At a glance, Twitter engagement is very low, suggesting that not many people are excited for its launch. Also, we are currently in the middle of a brutal bear market, and many projects launching has been at its mercy.

I’m unsure if the NFT space is mature enough for this kind of project and utility, but the fact that brands are attempting to innovate and pioneer is bullish. For YCLUB, only time will tell, but I’m certainly eagerly watching from the sideline.


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