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May 29


Phase 1: 4,444

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Whitelist: 0.089

Public: 0.099

What is the 9Tales? 

The Goal of 9Tales project is to develop a blockchain-based play-to-earn card game. The game will tell the story of a fantasy world the 9Tales team has imagined. A world shared by 9 characters, 9 races, and 9 realms. A story of adventures, mystery, and thrill, told in 9 Tales.

Story / Background 

9Tales is an art collection of uniquely generated hand-drawn characters. Each unique character will make an NFT, whose ownership would grant advantages throughout the different stages of the making of 9Tales project and in the 9Tales game itself. The first small and exclusive batch of NFTs (1 – 515 token IDs) will be the Genesis Warriors. The type of game the 9Tales team is making will be a fast-paced card game for mobile and PC with game modes, battle-system basic concepts, complexity, rewards system, etc. 


9Tales NFTs utility will be more focused towards the faced-paced card game for mobile and PC that the team is developing as well as the art of the hand drawn characters. Genesis collection for a select few will be able to participate in the Alpha test of the game to test and give input back to the developers. Thereafter, the game will go into beta for all holders to experience the game.


Roadmap consists of:

Q4 2021

  • Genesis collection sale: Sold Out (1 – 515 token IDs)
  • Game development, Team deployed and working full time

Q1 2022

  • Legal aspects finalized
  • Art direction, gameplay design, and tokenomic fixed

Q2 2022

  • Marketing campaign (with teasers + gameplay trailer)
  • Phase 1 of NFT sale
  • Airdrop for NFT holders
  • Game development progress (first expansion built, voiceover and art progress)

Q3 2022

  • Launch of Alpha version (small batch of genesis testers)
  • Phase 2 of NFT sale (date is subject to change)
  • Private token sale with priority (+airdrop) to NFT holders
  • Full cinematic trailer

Q4 2022

  • NFT public sale
  • Packs sale, with priority (+airdrop) to NFT holders
  • Open Beta with fully functional P&E

You can find more details and news in the Medium or in the Discord. Keep in mind that all dates and info are all subject to change as the project progresses.


9Tales core team is composed of four co-founders, with a common interest in gaming, crypto, and fantasy. From different professional backgrounds (science, engineering, and art), the team has met in Web3 and agreed to combine their skills to make 9Tales. The team consists of eight more team members and is growing by the day as time goes on.


A scientist. A researcher in decentralized algorithms, with great love for games, anime, and political debates. He’s also a social media influencer.

Colonel Bihi

An engineer, whose passion is technology. His love for gaming, his enthusiasm for crypto and his big curiosity somehow led him to blockchain development. 


A professional Poker player, PhD in Artificial Intelligence. Game theory is not just a theory to him. 


A professional ex-Ubisoft/Riot concept artist. He’s the author of many popular skin lines for League of Legends.


9 tales has seen high collaborations within the space with very notable communities:

  • PGodjira
  • Llamaverse
  • Karafuru
  • ClementinesGame
  • FEW (Forgotten Ethereal Worlds)
  • Mindblowon
  • Metaverse HQ
  • Scholarz
  • Squishy Squad


Marketing / Community

9Tales has seen great engagement on Twitter sitting at 155.2k followers. The feed consists of a lot of the art from the project as well as partnership announcements and collabs with numerous other projects giving out whitelist spots with the most engagement coming from mostly the giveaway tweets. The Discord has 24.4k with about 25% online with actual engagement instead of the cookie cutter GM, GN, drink water, etc – though it seems a bit slow considering the amount online. Plenty of VCs to jump into to engage more on a personal level.

How to get on WL

The team’s goal is to have an engaged and loving community. Each Genesis NFT (token IDs 1 – 515) will grant you one whitelist spot per NFT held. You need 6,000 coins to buy a whitelist from the shop. The way you would obtain coins is by:

  • Chatting: each message gives a small amount of coins. You obtain 5k coins by reaching level 15 then you’d open a ticket a ticket to redeem your coins.
  • Contests: The team holds different games and contests in the contest and games channels, winning in a or doing a contest will give you coins (between 500 – 6000).
  • Voice Animating: Being a helpful member in voice chat either by just hanging out with your fellow community members or by organizing activities would earn you coins ( between 1000 – 6000 coins).
  • Memes and Art: Memes and any type of fan-art is highly regarded. You can post these in the respective channels, and if a team member loves what you are doing the team member will give you coins (at least 1000 coins per post can be given). 

Whitelist spots can be lost if you totally disappear for a long period of time (inactive) or if you go against the team’s rules (example: hateful speech).


Bullish case

The team seems pretty stacked; most if not all are doxxed with Twitters, Lindins, and other social platforms linked to themselves. The 9Tales team has been hitting every objective on their roadmap. Genesis has been sold out since December 2021 and is providing value to the holders as the progress of the project unfolds going forward into the full release of the collection and game.


The game will use a pay-to-earn model, and will largely depend on the sustainability of its tokenomics to ensure long term success. Most pay-to-earns have way considerable sell pressure that decimates the value of the token. 9Tales will therefore have to create considerable demand for the token with a flourishing ecosystem within the game – it is currently unclear whether they will be able to achieve that. 

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